Places to see in Paris

I’m going to Paris next month, never been. Besides the Eiffel Tower and Versaille, what else are must-sees or not worth my time? Thanks!

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The Sacre-cour in Montmartre is nice, great views of the whole city, but a lot of steep stairs. Louvre always worth a visit. Notre-Dame will be interesting now but it’s in a fairly nice area anyway to wander about in. Along the Champs Elysses (between the Louvre and the Arc du Triumphe) there is usually a christmas market this time of year, as long as they haven’t cancelled it for the yellow vests demonstrations.

My advice would be to manage your expectations. The Paris you see in the films does not exist. Paris Syndrome is a thing for a reason, it is a very ‘raw’, brutal and unfiltered city. I actually like this aspect of it compared to the “cleansed” feeling you get in London etc. Expect to be approached multiple times a day, either people trying to sell you stuff, scam you or just asking for money. Just say no or ignore and they will leave you alone for the most part.

Paris is also one of the coldest places I’ve been this time of year - wrap up well and take waterproofs.

That being said, I’ve never, ever had a problem in Paris and wouldn’t hesitate to go tomorrow.


Take the 2 hours tour bus. It is worthy as it takes you all around the city showing the most famous spots and teaches you some of the history as well.
They also offer a hop on and off bus, so you can use it as a transportation from one spot to another.
If you have an extra day, also go to Versailles Palace. It’s beautiful. You can get there by train and the trip itself is not so bad.

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Does Paris have good ethnic food? I’m living in Europe and can take a break from European cuisine tbh.

I’m the wrong person to advise about food to be honest, food for me is like petrol, hopefully someone else will be able to answer you helpfully.

The kebab is the unofficial dish of Paris. It’s everywhere you look. Also easy to find Chinese where you can get good CP, other SE Asia food, and Japanese. Mexican but not remarkable.

Yes, not always, but it can be very cold so a good tip is to stay very close to a Metro entrance so you can duck underground when needed.

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London is gross enough, yikes.

Wow, i didn’t know Paris was so cold in the winter.

wonderful view on top of the intitute, right above the Seine River and several historical monuments. Good lebanon cuisine (try at least one meze/mezze if you go to “le Zyriab” restaurant, ah and the wine is really ok there)

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You can take the cable car to avoid the stairs.

I like the following places in Paris:

Cimetière du Père Lachaise
Parc des Buttes Chaumont
Musée d’Orsay
Musée de l’Orangerie

The following places are worth a look if you’re into it:
Musée Rodin
Opéra Garnier
Catacombs (you’d have to go very early)

The garden of Versailles is incredible but if you go in winter it would look a bit shit so maybe you can skip that one.
I also recommend the Seine cruise tour near Pont Neuf station, though it’d be freezing in winter. You’d get to see most of the famous monuments.
I find Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe all really lame. You can still go but prepare to be disappointed since there’d be a fuck ton of annoying ass tourists and pickpockets.

Btw the metro is trash but it’d still be better if you get like a week ticket or something since there’s no other way to move around the city. Do not stand near the door when you’re in it and do not put your bags down in restaurants or cafes.

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+1 for catacombs, looks awesome.

I just want to add, if you want to go somewhere that’s like the Paris you see in the movies, then visit Vienna. Beautiful city and it has a similar atmosphere to Taipei in terms of the laidback and friendly attitude.

Well Viennese ppl are known to be haughty as shit. I did think it was really nice though. It’s one of the very few European cities that actually fits the Europe stereotype. It’s clean and safe and an architectural wonder, and the public transport is actually good.

Yeah, that looks really cool. Definitely have to see if I can fit it in.

Anything in particular you’d like to see?

For ethnic food, the falafels in the Marais area are some of the best I’ve had ever (though I’ve yet to go to the Middle East). For authentic ramen served by Japanese cooks in a bustling Japanese ramen-ya ambience, try naritake.

For Versailles, plan a whole day there, visit the castle in the morning, the other cottages in the park early afternoon, then rent a bike and cycle around the park–it’s HUGE, almost as big as the city of Versailles.

If you aim at a visit to the Louvre, use one of the side entrances nobody knows about, that’ll save you hours of queuing:

My favourite museums are Orsay (for impressionists and other late XIXth - early XXth art), Musee du Jeu de Paume (they often host big names in photography), Musee Rodin and Musee Maillol (various exhibitions but always good quality).
My favourite spots are the Shakespeare and Cie bookshops (former gathering spot for Hemingway and the likes), the place des Vosges (filled with little art galleries) and a walk from the Jardin des Tuileries to the Jardin des Plantes, passing by the Ile de la Cite.

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Just what’s worth seeing and what’s not really worth it. Food recommendations are always appreciated.

Updated my post with some more things. Things worth seeing are always up to people tho… I personally could see New York without stepping in Central Park or seeing the Empire State.

It closes at 4 so if you can’t get there before 2 don’t bother. The queue at 2 is like 2 hrs since only limited number of ppl are allowed in at a time.

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The ruins of Notre Dame

Don’t forget to get a Royale w/ Cheese. :hamburger:

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WTF…there is a strike and my flight might be cancelled from Air France. I hate Macron so much, he just sucks.

Well that does suck. Are you there now, or are you still in Italy?

Also, fwiw, the other day I was reading an account of the 3rd Reich’s governor of Paris, Dietrich von Choltitz, during WWII. There were evidently lots of Parisians wandering the streets during the blackouts late in the occupation, after Normandy and after it was obvious Germany was on the back foot.

The account said that Paris is very beautiful under moonlight, with no streetlights or other artificial light. Even the French were oohing and aahing; nobody living had seen Paris bathed only in moonlight before. Paris was built to be beautiful under moonlight, according to this account. Rare these days, of course.

Thought it was an interesting observation. Good luck!