Places to see in Paris

The Arch and people watch on the champs. Take a bateau on the seine.

The Louvre ?

Flying tomorrow when the strike starts. Air France’s website says it is on time, but I don’t think they will know until tomorrow. It sounds like Airport workers will also go on strike. Can’t land a plane if no one is there for it.

Taipeiians are said to be naughty as well. Err haughty

You can land but perhaps not get off zee plane

Even if the flight isn’t cancelled it’s definitely not the time to go. The transportation would be a nightmare.

I wish I could change. My flight is non refundable and we’ve booked a 4 room apartment for our family. Mom is already on her flight from Taiwan and my aunt and cousin are flying from US. :cold_sweat:

I guess you’d just take a cab to travel places then.

Probably Uber to avoid getting ripped off. I know the metro is down. The plus side is I’m with a couple people, the cost of 4 people to a car isn’t bad.

Honestly Macron has little to do with it. There’s been strikes going on every year for the last fifteen years or so, it’s how French unions assert their political presence. Just like a dog pissing on a tree, they gotta come back regularly.

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From what I understand, they are pissed about Macrons plan for pension reform. Tbh, I actually agree with the pension reform. I just don’t agree with his timing!!!

Except the reform hasn’t been presented yet, so it’s really just a pretext. The unions always develop a narrative of being oppressed to give themselves an occasion to hold demonstrations. If no reform is being made, the government is oppressing by refusing to change the status quo. If a reform is being made, the government is oppressing by making things worse. Case in point, the government has made concessions amounting to 17 billions of euros to the yellow vests, but they’re still protesting.

Yeah it’s quite a culture, that. “Vive la resistance” but basically opposed to everything.

I think the French government do what bands do for “Encore” (also french word innit) which is to hold back the good shit and let the public thrash it out for a minute or two before revealing the real golden nuggets.

There are strikes in France every time I go and I’ve been going for 40 years. The French just like to complain and don’t like to work.

You’ll find excellent croissants in Paris. Have at least one for each meal plus some as snacks. There’s also Five Guys and good Lebanese fare if you get bored of French food. McDonald’s in France sucks big time and don’t get me started about Quick.

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Quick ain’t got nothing on Mos, Max or even Burger King. Quick is on-par with Wimpy

Quick is on par with old shoe soles. Mo’s Burger should just stop selling burgers.

It looks like my flight will fly.

I can’t help but laugh at my luck. We had trouble with strikes in France when we came. Now our flight is canceled because now there is a strike in Italy lol.

Guess I will stay in Paris another day. How Awful


Come on, Paris is not that bad! Have a glass of Ricard and some eclairs and enjoy your time!


You should be happy that you’re getting such an authentic European experience!


So have you needed a big old heavy winter coat in Paris?