Places to stay in Phnom Penh & Siem Reap Cambodia?

We’ll be taking our first trip to Cambodia next week and would like some advice about places to stay (and any other suggestions). Our travel agent here said that they don’t have any connections in Cambodia and that we should check on the web through Yahoo travel. Go to
and click the region you want to visit on the map (note: you’ll have to scroll down to “Destination Guides”). But it’d be great to hear some firsthand experiences…

Here’s what we’ve checked out so far:

Phnom Penh
The Juliana sounds really nice & reasonably priced for the ammenities (as low as USD$55), but we’ve tried making bookings through several sites (as the Juliana doesn’t seem to have its own web site) & still nothing is confirmed. Supposedly there is a nice swimming pool, but one of the sites doesn’t mention it…

Siem Reap
Angkor Hotel - pricey - USD$90 for a deluxe double w/king sized bed…
but the e-mails also are unclear as to whether we have a confirmed reservation. My wife called & spent 10 minutes trying to spell our name to the person who answered who had no info about our reservation. I called the next day & had the same experience with another guy (they didn’t speak any other languages unfortunately). He said that the credit card would be billed 3 days before checkin for 50% and then would be billed 100% for cancellation@#$%! I have heard lots of broken English in many countries, but they are really impressive at that hotel! :wink:

Auberge Mont Royal
USD$33 standard room includes breakfast and sounds like a simple but nice place. The deluxe rooms (USD$45) look really nice but aren’t avail. for next week.

Yes, I know, there is lodging to be had for next to nothing, but this is our only vacation this year so we were thinking of pampering ourselves a bit… but after the experience with the Angkor Hotel, I’m re-evaluating the merits of that.

Our Lonely Planet South-East Asia doesn’t have much in the way of hotels in Cambodia… I stopped by the Caves in Tienmu but it didn’t have a LP Cambodia :frowning:

We’d really appreciate hearing about any lodging experiences, from camping to 5 star.

p.s. We’ll be there from 12/28/02 to 1/05/03 so hope to hear from you soon! And we should have some advice for everyone after that :slight_smile:



I’ve stayed at Juliana hotel and its excellent value for the price of USD50 (last years price) including bfast and free airport pickup. Just make sure you request it with your booking including flight details. You can email them directly at


Their pool is really excellent like 5 star quality.
Hope that helps!! Have fun.



& here’s a good link:

Will add some more soon.

Check this link for some information about accommodation

FNAC on Nanjing/Dunhua got a shipment of the latest edition of LP Cambodia just a month ago. I know, because I bought one. Maybe they would still have copies.

We spent ten days in Cambodia earlier this month. In Phnom Penh, we stayed at the Riverside Hotel, on the river and just three minutes walk from the boat to Siem Reap. US$35/night, with free pick-up at the airport. I’d say it’s of 3-star standard: fridge, mini-bar, phone, bath tub, air-con, breakfast included, clean. The rooms facing the river have a great view. We booked via e-mail, without any problems:

In Siem Reap, we stayed at Pavillon Indochine, also US$35 per night, and also free pick-up at the boat or the airport. It’s run by a couple of French guys. It’s a quiet place with a lot of ambience a bit outside Siem Reap. We stayed in one of their bungalows (two rooms to a bunglaow, so you don’t get it entirely to yourself, but the small patio is nice in the evenings or for breakfast). We really enjoyed. No fridge and no phone in the room, but they will make any calls you (flight confirmations and such stuff). We booked through their web-site which is in French, unfortunately, but the booking form is in English.

I know you want to pamper yourselves, but when I stayed in Cambodia (5 years ago) backpackers hostels were $5 a night or less, and some were pretty nice. If htese hotels are about $50 a night, surely you’d be able to find something pretty good in between. If I were you, I’d jsut turn up and look around


Just came back from Siem Reap 1 months ago, I strongly recommend “La Noria” It’s a nice little French hotel in the heart of Siem reap. Rooms with AC - (fans are sufficient I think) are $40 a night. Fans only rooms are about 10 bucks cheaper. It’s got a pool, great restaurant, great service, and very nice ambience. Walking around the area, you’ll see the La Noria is the best value in town!

They get all booked very fast - so email them and ask about availability!
They’re introduced on Lonely Planet too. Let me know how it goes if you actually decide to stay there!

Their email -

Best of Luck - Angkor was amazing!


Let me know how it goes. We plan to visit Cambodia via Taiwan un late July. let us know where you stay. Also, what travel agent are you using in Taiwan for your tickets, and how much are you paying?


Try for tourist guides for both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (including hotel email addresses).

Phnom Penh

The Goldiana -$35 inc. laundry, airport pickup, swimming pool, bottled drinking water, aircon/TV/hot water etc. Not many hotels for this price have a pool.

The Golden Gate also has some $35 rooms with the same inclusions (no pool). If you ask specially they also have $15 rooms that include laundry and water but do NOT include breakfast or airport pickup. The $15 rooms are the same size as the $35 rooms but in the older part of the building. They don’t advertise the cheaper rooms, you have to ask specially.

A great restaurant (reasonably priced) restaurant close to both the Golden Gate and Goldiana is called the Khmer Surin. Traditional Cambodian food served on the balcony of in an old wooden house. Low tables with plump cushions to sit on. An oldie but a goodie, no food poisoning there.

I also recommend La Noria in Siem Reap. A great small hotel/guesthouse, many of the staff are orphans or former street-kids that have been given hospitality training. They have traditional shadow-puppet shows that you don’t get in many other places in Cambodia. Their email is

Thought I’d bump this one up - am planning a trip to Cambodia for a week in November. Any further recommendations for Phnom Penh hotels?

Would like to avoid the “Hotel Everywhere” experience and while we don’t want to stretch to Hyatt type prices we are willing to pay for something special.

Also anyone got experience of travelling in Cambodia with a 2 year old in tow?


[quote=“Sir Donald Bradman”]I know you want to pamper yourselves, but when I stayed in Cambodia (5 years ago) backpackers hostels were $5 a night or less, and some were pretty nice. If htese hotels are about $50 a night, surely you’d be able to find something pretty good in between. If I were you, I’d jsut turn up and look around

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