Places to stay in Taidong County

We are going to Taidong County, to be more precise north of Taidong at a place called ChengGong, for two nights this week. We have a piece of land there but so far nothing on it to stay in, and we have two young children. Does anyone know of a reasonably-priced homestay kind of place in that area? Preferably something the kids and I can stay at while my husband goes on his log-cabin-by-the-ocean mission. Thanks in advance!

Here’s a comprehensive listing of privately run guesthouses. All over Taiwan, not just Taidong, but it’s easy to see where they’re located.
Thanks to Muzha Man for the link.

Lots of B&Bs in that area. This time of year you should be able to just drive and choose one. Just look for the signs.

You could contact this place in Dulan, just south of Chengkung. A small resort in the hills with cabins and a lot of open space for the kids. Very pretty palm bestudded area. Should be open now but it looked like it was just getting going when I dropped by as no one was manning the check in cabin.

089 323569

Thank you so much!

If you do stay at that cabin resort let us know how it is, please. Or any nice place you find.

Dulan is about 25 km from Chengkung. MM must be assuming you have a car.

If you do stay in Dulan, the Sugar Refinery might be a low cost option.

Closer to Chengkung, you can try:

  1. 采楓觀海渡假民宿


It’s up on a hill off the highway. Very quiet with nice views.

  1. 福樟紅檜木屋



This is even closer, but probably more $$. Big landscaped grounds.

And here is the web site for the town

I can’t believe Chengkung has an English website. :astonished:


I’ve stayed at this place a few times:

It is in between Dulan and Chenggong. It is very clean with nice rooms. The village is small with not much to offer except for a gray sand beach that goes for about 2 or 3 KM. The rooms are good and you don’t have to stay in somebody’s house. They have a basic kitchen. I’ve also stayed at the place Mucha Man mentioned; it is a little farther south and has excellent facilities for kids with big playgrounds. It is over 2500NT a night in the tourist season. I have no idea what it would be otherwise. The Sugar Factory in Dulan is good for information, but their guest house is less than ordinary.

Chenggung isn’t much of a place in my opinion. It has an interesting aquarium, but that’s about it. Anywhere south or north of there is pretty good. Where did you buy your land?

[quote=“Feiren”]And here is the web site for the town

“Changkang”? I wonder how the town ended up with that domain name.
[ul][li]Hanyu Pinyin: Chenggong[/li]
[li]Tongyong Pinyin: Chenggong[/li]
[li]Bastardized Wade-Giles: Chengkung[/li]
[li]MPS2: Chenggung[/li][/ul]Maybe it’s an Amis thing?