Places to vacation near Taipei near nightlife

Help me out here please. Yeah, I’m going to see the tourist attractions, but I’m not worried about being close to them.Where should I stay that is centrally located?

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What’s your budget, which part of town do you want to stay in, etc?

Anyway, San Want Hotel is in downtown Taibei right on Zhongshiao E. Road section 4. Across the street from Luxy and other clubs. It’s a nice, cozy, clean and well serviced hotel.

If you have a lot of money, you can try the Xinyi district, where the Warner Village complex is located. The vibe there is young-trendy, and you can check into the Hyatt Regency.

If not, then maybe the Shida area. It’s mostly college students, and although I don’t know of any upscale hotels there, I’m sure you could find a hostel or one of those infamous love hotels.

Thanks for the responses. I’m on a cheap budget. I really have no need for a high-class hotel. Just a bed and a shower is good enough for me.

I’m more concerned with which area I should look in. I just want to be in close proximity to a lot of nightlife and be able to take a cab home cheaply.

I don’t know much about Taipei. During the day I can take buses to the tourist attractions, so I’m not so worried about being close to those.


stay east side. dont go to shimending! seems like everyone i know who booked their hotel online end up on the wrong side of town.

what kinda partying you wanna do? luxy, room 18, mint?

You could stay in The Far Eastern Plaza Hotel. It’s very close to a popular bar which modesty refrains me from mentioning. Within crawling distance. I have a certain bias here though.


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I have to agree with TpeBob. The hotel is one the best in town and the road its on has more bars than you can shake a stick at.
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Thanks, I’ll look into that. If I can’t find it on the net I suppose I’ll just take a cab there from the airport and hope they have a vacancy. If not, are there other hotels nearby?

Thanks again.

I have to admit the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel is a very nice hotel with great buffet and great surrounding… but I really don’t think it is on the cheap side… It is probably THE most expensive hotel in town… so don’t go there if you are on a cheap budget.
Unfortunately I cannot recommend any but for sure you can find them on the web by just typing “hotel in Taipei”.