Places to watch NCAA basketball

Does anyone know a good place to watch NCAA basketball games in Taipei? Thanks a lot.

Talk to Jim Edstein the Satellite TV guy. He posts on the Forumosa. He can set up your apartment with the right combo for about NT$26,000. I have been watching more NCAA this year than on the prior 9 years that I have been here. He set up a bunch of local bars here in Taipei as well. I think one problem might be that many of the bar keeps are not Americans so they could care less about NCAA basketball.

Maybe you can try the Tavern on the corner of HsinYi and Keelung Rds. That place is tragically European, but they have personal LCD monitors allowing you to watch what you want at your seat. Now you just need to check the schedules.

Satellite TV call 0930 750 441 or 05 2511 642