Places to watch the Dragon Boat Races

I’m new in taipei and would love for someone to tell me where and when the best place is to watch the Dragon boat races this weekend. Everyone keeps telling me at home on TV is the best but I would like to experience them in person. Any suggestions please.

In Taipei City? On the Keelung river below the Grand Hotel near Shilin (I guess the Shilin MRT stop is the one you want).

In Taipei County? Bitan (Green Lake). Take the MRT Green Line to Hsintien (“This is the last stop. Thank you for your ride and have a nice day.”) and you’re there. Less professional than the city event, but funky and fun!
Hope this helps.

I think you’d have a long walk from Shilin station. Check a map and you’ll see a suburb to the north of the Keelung river called Da Zhi, the park is across the river (ie on the south bank) from Da Zhr. Get a bus to the martyrs shrine or thereabouts and walk across the bridge south. have a look at the map first and you should be able to figure it out. The races are on all weekend.


Thanks Bri and Snadman for the advice. A friend surprised me and took me to Keelung to go see it there - I had a great day and got some good photo’s I’ll keep these places in mind for next year!

Thanks once again for always being as helpful as you are!


i hope this information is still current… can anyone let me know if it is not?

Bitan has something going on but it looks as if its going to be much smaller this year. Don’t know about the Taipei City venue, but the place to be this year is the Ilan water park in Ilan County, which is going to have by far the biggest event.

What would be a good time to observe the races in person… 9 or 10 in the morning?

Sorry, I have no idea about that. :blush: If there are races taking place, they’ll probably start before then, though, I think, and go on at least until mid-afternoon or later.

The official and international races were cancelled 3 or 4 weeks ago.

But the MTC team was notified (today?) that there will be a “small” race, back where one of the international races is normally held – over by Yuanshan under the Grand Hotel in Taipei City.

My friend is meeting the team at Chientan MRT around 12:30 pm and the race starts around 3-ish. If I get details from him in the morning, I’ll post them up here.

I’m probably going to check it out tomorrow afternoon :slight_smile: Will let you know if it really happens if I make it out there

Lukang races are going ahead (actually by the sea rather than in Lukang town itself). I don’t know what time but I’m going early anyway.

I believe that Ilan races are still going ahead as well.

How about watching it from the television? :?

Went to see boats in Lukang. Good fun. Got some nice pictures.