Places where u can bring ur dogs to in Taiwan

Now, I gathered these information from other people.
This is a short list for now, but will come back to it from time to time.

  • MiaoLi
    Name: 100 Farm
    Chinese Website:
    Business Hours: Friday ~ Sunday, 10am~6pm
    Fees: NT$100/person, NT$100/dog under 15kg, NT$150/dog over $15kg
    Address: It’s a farm by the sea located in MiaoLi TongXiao.
    GPS location: E. Longitude 120° 41’ 26.6" North Latitude 24° 31’ 14.4"
    Family owned, sells fresh milk, coffee, and provide hot meal.
    They foster large dogs themselves, so dogs of all sizes are welcomed.
    The fees include a serving of freshly-made dog treat.
    There is a fenced area for dogs to run off-leash, and they can be brought into the inside eating area with
    human with the leash on.
    Phone: 0919565763
    Note: No outside food/drink allowed.

  • HuaLian
    Name: This Is Life - Bed & Breakfast and Advantures.
    English Website:
    Phone: 0982 486 616; 03-8226437
    Info: They provide villas and outdoor activities. Beautiful environment.
    Dogs are welcomed in villas where there are pools that they can swim with you during summer.

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