Plane Crash

It is being reported by Reuters that the China Airlines plane broke up into four parts at 35,000 feet. There were no indications of malfunction by the pilots, and this raises the mystery of other causes. The plane was heading to Hong Kong SAR, and this creates some big legal problems of the Warsaw Convention being made applicable to Taiwan.

Taiwan crashes have been made applicable to the Convention under a clause of being just a transit point between two legs of a journey between two Higher Contracting States. In the past, Hong Kong was British, thus the Warsaw Convention had no China sovereignty issues. Given the way this has been handled in the recent past like SGP 006 being “between” Singapore and Los Angeles, there is a lurking problem of the Taiwan status under the Warsaw Convention and its Hong Kong SAR destination. The mysterious nature of the China Airlines crash further compounds this issue, if it is ever clearly determined to be a friends of Al Quada incident.

The update on that if anyone is interested is that the plane had crashed previously. The rear end of the main fuselage had actually struck a runway so hard that it had ruptured. It was repaired and had been flying for about a year and a half b4 the incident. This was apparently why it had ruptured… The remnants pulled out of the sea showed that some of the earlier repairs had failed.

China airlines apparently hold the record for the most passengers killed in a ten year period…