Plane ticket prices


I was wondering how much it cost to fly from Taipei to other destinations like Beijing, Thailand, the Phillipines, Japan, etc. Would anyone mind tabulating a list and posting it here of current prices? I’ve looked all over the internet but I can’t find any prices (and I don’t know Mandarin).


Have a look at Interlink Travel’s website
As with other travel agencies their advertised prices are lower than what you actually end up paying.

Here are some of the return ticket prices they list on their site:
Hong Kong $NT 4900
Bangkok $NT 6800
Manila $NT 7900
Phnom Penh $NT 9900
Osaka/Tokyo $NT 7800 / 8900
Seoul $NT 8800

The Hong Kong price is a joke (I’ve always paid between seven and ten thousand) and I think I paid NT$9500 for a return trip to Bangkok.


Sounds like their prices are off by about NT$3000 then. Do you know about a flight to Beijing? Is it best to go through a travel agency, generally?

From memory I think a return flight to Beijing is about NT$17,000 which is rather expensive considering the distance. Because of the political problems between China and Taiwan, there are no direct transport links. Rather than flying straight to Beijing, you need to stop in Hong Kong, Macau, or elsewhere.

If direct flights were allowed, Taipei residents could fly to Shanghai or Beijing for a long weekend. Oh well, one day. At the moment, relatively few foreigners in Taiwan travel to China. South East Asian destinations like Thailand are the most popular.

Regarding your second question, travel agencies offer the cheapest fares (cheaper than the airlines offer).

Thanks almas john!

For HK it’s good to check for last minute specials on eva airlines–they had a promo for 3900 NT and it usually wavers around 6000. They also have some specials to Japan.

You can get to Seoul for about 8000-10,000–there’s some travel agencies if you want to venture to Hsimenting. Just go in with basics of dates and place and I think they can help you out :slight_smile: