Planning to send your children to Singapore to Study?

If you have already understood the importance of a strong command of the English Language and plan to send your children to Singapore to study.
Don’t frown on the idea. We arrange accomodation for students particularly overseas students. We welcome all parents with the idea of sending your children to Singapore to study to call or e-mail me.

Harley Wu

+065 90698806

So what’s the difference between learning Chinglish in Taiwan as opposed to Chinglish in Singapore (other than the fact that it’ll cost far more in Singapore)?

I just hope that for the money you’re charging, the kids’ll end up with better English that the mangled nonsense that appears in your post.

Sounds like a scam to me.

And rather than learn Singlish in Singapore, you may as well pay a touch extra for the 2 hour flight, and learn in English in Australia (no Chinglish or Singlish), just the queens tongue.

Harley, if you understood the importance of a good command of English, you would have had someone who knows how to speak English edit your post. Based on the quality of your writing as it stands, I’m frowning on the idea of making any study arrangements through your organization.

Physician, heal thyself… :unamused:

Oh my goodness, can’t we all just be nice? If this person returns to read your criticism, what will you have accomplished, other than possibly make him feel inadequate? I respect your opinions, but let the person’s post speak for itself. (Or give some good feedback that will help him improve his presentation and service.)


Come off it Jennifer, this was just some singaporean buxiban cowboy posting a cheesy ad because he figured he could get a captive audience and hot have to pay a single stingy singaporean dollar for the service.
I wonder how Singaporeans would feel if a Taiwanese buxiban operator posted similar messages on Singaporean BBSs.
His point, if i can read between the lines, is: You Taiwanese have stacks of cash and are too dumb to educate your own kids, so mail the kids and your nest-egg over here, and we’ll pretend to do a better job.
I think the guy’s getting what he deserves, don’t you?

Anyone who calls himself “Harley” is obviously no authority on anything.

Oldsmobile Chen

Yo, you guys are so cruel, yet so honest! :unamused:

Let me get some facts for you:

A family in Taiwan I knew sent their 10-year-old girl to Singapore for English Summer camp since S’pore publicly claimed that “English is S’pore’s official language”. The camp was located in some sort of resort which means it’s not affordable for general S’porean public. This family is not wealthy by any Taiwanese standard but was able to send the kid to summer camp in the States last year. After 10 days in paradise, the kid said she spoke not much English in S’pore than she did at home! :shock:

Don’t get me wrong, I have a few S’porean friends, but I don’t think their English is up to the standard of any English-speaking countries, such as U.S., UK, or Australia. However, I have to hand it to them - some of them does great PR and promotion. They are loads of parents eager to send their kids to S’pore to study since not many of them woud check out the facts first.

Hopefully I don’t get put on some black list (if I have not already on it!)


Notice that as soon as sandman made his posting, the entire discussion got skewed off in a totally strange direction.

Richard, what the hell are you on about? How in the name of christ can I “skew a discussion off topic” when it was ME that STARTED the fucking discussion in the first place?
You are seriously beginning to make me wonder about the state of your intellectual capacity with your childishness. If you don’t like what I post, why don’t you simply hit the ignore button, instead of searching back more than a year in order to make banal and babyish attacks on me that succeed only in making you look like a jerk?
And if the moderators are now supposed to go sifting through the Forumosa archives in order to catalogue every post that’s skewed or off-topic, when are we supposed to sleep? And who’ll be left posting? Or am I the only poster who posts “off-topic” or “skews” the directions of the discussions?
And I suppose you’ll now go running off (AGAIN :unamused: ) to tattle tale this post to the admins as well.

Laughing my tits off … here’s a grand.

If you want to see the sort of English they can learn in S’pore look at:

Please don’t be mislead by the site name, it is a satirical site about S’pore written in Singlish with an extensive dictionary to help you translate the items.

Enjoy :slight_smile: