Plant science discussion?

I was wondering, my “thing” is biology. All biology, but especially plants. Botany, field exploration and agriculture being my most favorite things. I was wondering if one were to talk excessively on the topic of general plant stuff, where would one post it? I like the pets and other animal forum, was wondering if it were maybe a good idea, or not, to make it a generally biology forum with animals and plants as subforums? or is there somewhere fitting for this stuff to get real attention and discussion, related to Taiwan.

Taiwan is huge into botany, probably far more so than any amount of animal stuff aside from agriculture and strange glowing GMO experiments.

Just curious, have lots of things would love to discuss with Taiwan specific group as many other sites/people know a lot but it often does not translate well into Taiwan related biological discussion, especially agriculture.

probably next to the cool bug thread in Pets & Other Animals… plants can be pets right? i.e. chia… pet?

When in doubt… open forum.

A general Science forum might be an idea.

thats kind of what i was thinking too. use sub forums (eg for pets as they are popular topics) or just a general science forum. i can geek out on science shit all day, and having a local (taiwan) forum to talk shop about specifics here would be awesome, especially seeing as there is pretty much nothing for science geeks in Taiwan to chat in English.

i for one love plants and animals, but sometimes i want to discuss mold in taiwan, or slime growing on something. or just the general environment here as it is pretty unique here in Taiwan, especially in relation to most scientific study which is almost always about somewhere else or in another language and hard to relate to here.