Plastic egg containers

I wonder, why do eggs come in those flimsy plastic thing that is a pain to open (tear out the thing in the back… yea right, most of the time the thing breaks off then you have to use a knife to cut it open), doesnt protect the eggs that much… Why not use those paper or foam containers like they used in the USA that protects eggs better, much easier to open and stuff…? Is this to save the enviroment or something? In the States I could place eggs with other grocery in the same bag, no harm done, but in Taiwan I wouldnt even DARE putting the eggs in the bag cause it arrives home crushed.

Or do they sell reusable egg containers out there so you can go out and buy eggs and they will be better protected?

The foam things were more difficult to recycle … in belgium I remember we use these special cardboard containers … Taiwan has been the plastic capital of the world, that’s why they still use plastic …

In the UK the checkout person puts meat and frozen food in a new plastic bag, to stop the other groceries in the bag going all bloody and wet. Because they don’t do that here, I’ve taken to helping myself to extra bags from the veg department.

We then recycle the bags by throwing away dirty nappies in them (no nappy sacks in Taiwan: no need since the rubbish is full of adult poo anyway!)