Plastic Money in TW

I have a Visa card issued from CIBC in Canada, and a debit card as well. Will I be able to use these in TW?? my money is in Canadian funds… when I visit the USA I can withdrawl American money or make purchases on American money and my bank does the currency conversion, will I be in for a surprise when i get to Taiwan?

In Taiwan your card will work the same way it does in the US. Your bank will do the curreny calculation.

If you use a Canadian credit card here, there is a high possibility that you will have to pay the bill in Canada, rather than a local office. Do you have someone in Canada who can do that for you? If not, you should consider getting a local card instead.

As the NT continues to appreciate against the USD, you’re losing $ as you use your Canadian credit card here. Also, you’ll be charged an additional 1% service fee for overseas use. That’s why I never mix my credit cards; when I’m in Taiwan, I use the card from my Taiwan bank; when I’m back in the US, I use my US credit card.

Several earlier threads have more discusssion of credit cards:

okie… good advice… as for debit cards? can i get money out the ATM with a Canadian debit card?

This is not always easy. See what network you are using. Also you may have to try different banks before you find one that works with your debit card. Don’t worry though, there are about as many banks here are as their 7-11s and the 7-11s have ATMs too.

Getting a local card is almost impossible without someone to guarantee it for you. If you use an overseas card here you are paying fees and charges to spend the money, and again to pay the bill. Most banks in the US charge you a fee to receive any money you may send them. I don’t know if it’s the same in Canada, but check it out.

I have internet banking, which means that I send money home to my current (checking) account, and pay my credit card bill etc. online from there. Relying on someone else to pay it for you is a recipe for disaster.