Plasticizer levels in Taiwanese people are two to seven times higher than those in Europe

So how to reduce this? Is it from the food or in homes in offices? I think I should look at the source of foods, I always wonder its good idea have farms next to heavy industry as is common on western Taiwan.

I remember reading about hits many years ago, people with too much of the had birth defects in affect sex hormones and parts like mini penis or increased infertility. Interesting news, but not very surprising to me as I see how much plasitics are used in Taiwan

Doubt it. Taiwan is quite strict in that way. My guess is single use utensils and food packaging. Few countries eat out as much as Taiwan and fewer still put hot liquids in plastic bags for take out.

Edit: Food packaging not good packaging lol.


Probably doesn’t help that so many people eat foods that sit in plastic containers, or containers with coatings.

Microplastics is a related issue, especially for people that eat a lot of fish and seafood

Indonesians are eating a couple of credit cards every year


These days, but until relatively recently it wasn’t the case. Plenty of scandals reported here.

I mean the soups in the plastics bags as well…thankfully mostly a thing of the past.

What about coffee cups I wonder and plastic bottles ? Also any films touching fresh food and then microwaved are not a good idea, some will transfer to the food.

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The amount of plastic in food packaging is insane. Those convenience store salads have almost everything individual packaged or separated with plastic.


Having worked in food service in the US, I just want to point out that it’s not uncommon to put those “do not microwave” small paper with plastic interior coating cups in the microwave to heat up to-go food. Panera for sure does this.


Around the home we like to say the amount of food in our plastic purchases :joy:

On all fronts, taiwan is pretty much a fail. Food, packaging, production, air, water, soil, home, work, transport etc etc. Without NHI we would be right fugged!

Things are changing, luckily. Sadly, almost always due to knee jerk and rarely logically. But at least towards the right direction more or less.

Few fun things. Organic stuff MUST be packaged. Fda fines you otherwise (unless the entire store is certified organic). Last time i talked to someone fined for this it was minimum $60,000 fine for having unpacked (ie fruit sitting on shelves) organic produce and the shop not being fully certified selling organic. Contamination being the logic, which isn’t 100% wrong. But still.

Shops seem to think it’s profitable to add more plastic (this is an arena the government can and should start regulating).

Avocados. $75 each. But wait! Buy 2, get…no discount or anything but foam around each one on a plastic tray covered in plastic wrap with a paper sticker and some glue.

Great bargain.