Plastics Enclosure

Can anyone recommend a manufacturer for custom plastic enclosures (for PCB’s)

To do a custom plastic enclosure is going to be expensive. You’ll have to get a mold made first. I know a few companies. If you let me know exactly what you need I can look at getting some quotes for you when I get back into Taiwan. Just be warned, the mold is the most expensive part.

I’m working with a guy at the moment making a few toy moulds for export. If it’s a concrete idea that you want to push forward then PM me and I’ll put you in touch.

It’s very hard to say how expensive it’s going to be, actually.

First of all, how big are they?

Secondly, what kind of mold do you wnat to use?

Thirdly, how many pieces do you paln to produce?

Fourth, might there be a cawe on the market fulfilling your needs?

so calling it “expensive” certainly depends on where we are, what we want to have done, and what the alternative might be.

I don’t think its going to be expensive. I’ll elaborate a bit.

  1. I don’t think there are going to be very many units
  2. We would design the PCB unit around an existing housing that meets a few minimum requirements (dimensions)

In this way the costs would be minimized. Therefore I need to know some company who produces many existing housings (perhaps one that produces housings for network gear as the device is required to have a number of cat 5 ports as far as I’m aware)

Any further info required?

I have my own design and manufacturing business here in Taiwan and produce plastic enclosures for electronic products. There are several manufacturing alternatives for your enclosure depending on complexity and volumes. PM me if you think I can be of help and we can discuss the details.