Plate registration and car insurance

hi guys I am planning to sell my car, my plate expired last month so I was suppose to pay it, so my question is if I sell it does the new owner get a new plate or he can use mine? I still need to drive it here and there so driving with a expired plate might not be a good idea…it’s kind of expensive to pay just to driving around for a couple months, but big fine if I get caught? I also just have the very basic insurance for now…thinking about get better insurance as few things came up so I might need the car a little longer, can I pay the insurance monthly? if not can I get the insurance money back after I sell the car, for the months that I haven’t used. thanks guys

My wife handles all that shit, but I do know that we just renewed our car insurance and weren’t given monthly payment as an option. It was only $4115 for the most expensive choice so if you waste 3 months that’s about $1000, or $600 if you got the cheapest insurance option. Not worth crying about!

You can carry the plate across, but will have to pay back tax to bring it up to date whether or not you wish to keep the existing plate. As far as I know you must pay all insurance payments up front, although you may apply for a shorter coverage period.

oh so I have to pay the tax regardless then? ouch it’s about 15000, maybe I can add that to the car’s sale price if they want to use my plate, do they usually use your plate or they have their own plate when they get a used car? also I have to make sure I transfer my plate over so I won’t be responsible for tickets etc…thanks guys

I think what sula was trying to say is that you can’t transfer ownership unless the taxes are up to date. This is my understanding, at least.

I am kind of confused by this post because you don’t ‘bring your own plate’ when buying a used car - the plate is connected with the vehicle. The only way you can get new plates for an old car is by reporting them as stolen and getting a police report. But you still wouldn’t be able to transfer ownership until all taxes and fines are paid.

When you sell the car it’s between you and the buyer whether or not you throw in insurance, tax etc. Generally when I have sold vehicles I have thrown in the insurance and asked for the plate tax rounded down to the nearest month.

BTW you already have a fine for missing the payment deadline, I think it’s $900 to start with and it only gets worse from there. If you go too long without paying the plate is invalidated so you essentially lose the car. Don’t fuck around with plate tax.

To just add to llary’s advice, you may cancel the present plate before it incurs too high a penalty. You may reapply when you come to sell, and a new plate will be issued.A vehicle with no plate is legal to keep in Taiwan as long as it is not kept or driven on a public road.

Sulavaca’s right. You might wiah to cancel your own plate and just get a new one if you already have a new car so it’ll not incur much fine. the new owner really needs to apply for a replacement plate number.

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