Play kitchen set (wooden)

WCIF a wooden play kitchen set? I’ve seen them on the IKEA catalogue here, but other than IKEA, do any other places sell them?
In the States they have Kidcraft, Waldorf play kitchens, etc. but here…

Or does anyone have any experience getting one made by a local carpenter?


Here is a possible lead for a store that might sell them. Also, this one sold online looks like it’s made of wood, and they mention in the description that the shipping is high due to the wood being heavy.

Talking about lead, check to see where they’re made. Chinese-made is often painted with lead-based paint.

August is usually the time Costco starts stocking up for Christmas. This is a good time to check the kitchen set now or later this month. Then, got to any mall and walk around in the children’s section and you will definitely see a store (sandman knows the name) of wooden toys, they have doll houses kitchens, toy trains the whole gamut.

Online, this is a good site, but expensive.

I have a little tikes one, it has a sink and refrigerator, and oven and it makes frying and boiling sounds - plastic ofcourse. But it’s a hit!

The Good Toys Shop also has one but more expensive and smaller than the one at ikea. I got a great wooden, pink, retro kitchen at Costco a few years back. As divea suggested Costco usually brings them in but it is hit and miss.