i’m looking to possibly start a mommy/kid playgroup in taipei. This would be nice way to meet other parents and foreign kids to celebrate holidays with and stuff.
If anyone’s interested, let me know.

We actually have several playgroups, one Wednesday mornings, one Friday afternoons and another in Tienmu plus some church affiliated ones. If you would to join the city playgroup just let us know. For the Tienmu one, PAKIT, you can contact Taipai Community Center.

i’m totally interested and interested about the church in tianmu…can you give me further information?


Send a blank email to and we’ll get you on the list for the group that meets in the city. Piwackit is one of the coordinators now, and I’m pretty sure the other coordinator is on here too but I don’t know if she wants to be outed.

If you send an email to, you can ask them to put you on their PAKIT mailing list.

There’s a playgroup that meets Grace Baptist Church (not in Tianmu but off of Roosevelt Road in the city), Tuesdays and Fridays. There are songs and crafts, really fun but my girls and I don’t have time for it anymore (I don’t). I can put you in contact with the coordinator if you want. Chinese not English, but some of the mothers speak English and are very welcoming.

Hmmm, and I think there’s another group that meets or was meeting at Gateway in Tianmu. Not sure how active they still are but follow this linkand try sending a private message to one of the moms.

thanks a bunch…i’ll check it out