Are there any playgroups with young babies in Taipei. My son is only 6 months old but we’re going shck wacky. I take him to the park but no other young moms there only granmas and kids!

Here’s another thread on a similar subject but different age group:

Hi. I have an 8-month old. Visit the forum at to set up meetings or join an existing group.



i am in taoyuan and we attend a playgroup every friday, every week is a different activity and the locations change as per activity. it’s peanut money for the interaction the child gets…check out…that seems to be the authoritative website for all things baby.

What a step back into the past, picwackit and braxtonhicks, and look how far that playgroup has come!

Those babies are grown now and have been friends for 5-7 years. They are past playgroup age and into sleeping over at each others houses!