Playing the Mandarin learning game and filling in the pre and post-questionnaires

Mandarin Learning Game: Ba(把) Sentence/ 把字式

Would you be interested in playing the Mandarin learning game on the Mandarin sentences using the ba (把) word?

I made the game for the thesis project that needs 24 people who are interested in playing the game to do the pre-questionnaire and the post-questionnaire.

The game could be played on an android phone, please message me your email, I will put you in the play store app tester list, so you could download the app here:…/internaltest/4698978950917021281

Or go to Google Group and search the group: mandarin learning game.

Then join the group. In the reason part, please type in : ba sentence game, I will put you in the play store app tester list. So the group member could download the game app here:…/internaltest/4698978950917021281

It could also be played on a computer via these links:

And thank you for filling in the pre-questionnaire before playing the game


And filling in the post-questionnaire after playing the game


I hope you will have a good time playing the game and learning Mandarin!

If you like the game, please follow the game here:

Thanks again!