Plea Bargaining and Nolo Contendere

The most disturbing documentary I have seen for a long, long time. … plea/view/

Should be compulsory viewing for all first year law students in the UK, and for beginners in whatever passes for legal training in the USA.

You just realized this hexuan???
In the U.S., it is fairly common knowledge. Sorry…I should have said most college-educated Americans know this…unfortunately 75 percent of Americans don’t… :wink:

Why would I know anything about American criminal law ?

And Justice for All.

I don’t actually have anything to say. Just wanna see if I can get a whole row of bobs down the right side. Thanks.

I’ll give you ten bob if you plead guilty to manslaughter.

It’s evident that the US criminal justice system is gravely flawed – incomparably more so than the system I used to work in back home (which I considered as flawed more in favour of those charged with crimes than against them). I wonder how anyone with the least shred of integrity could bear to be a lawyer or judge in a system that functions so unjustly.

Sorry, hexuan, I thought you had studied law and therefore assumed you would have been ‘exposed’ to many different legal systems. This documentary did not cover something new in the U.S. I think we have operated under the plea bargain system for decades.
And Justice for All…basically means if you are a wealthy person you can afford to buy justice (maybe not bribes as such but the best lawyers, money can buy, that know how to manipulate the system). Granted every once in a while someone has to be ‘sacrificed’ so the people continue to believe in the system but Martha Stewarts only come around once in a while…besides I am sure her time will be spent in comfort.

I have a British law degree. We don’t really study American law.

Two words: “Tony Martin”.

Two words: “Tony Martin”.[/quote]

Oh yeh that one. The one where he was convicted by a jury of his peers after a fair trial with no plea bargaining shananigans. Then the newspapers realised that though he was found guilty his ‘plight’ could be used to sell newspapers. If you want to use examples of justice not being served in the British system there are numerous examples of overturned convictions that you could have used, but no you go for the NRA approach.:loco: