Please add KEELUNG to the list of cities in Taiwanted

Could you please add KEELUNG to the list of cities?
If it is already there in a different spelling, what is it?

I just listed an apartment for rent in Keelung City, but the city name and districts are still not available in the pull-down menus, can they please be added?

Does Taiwanted actual read these posts? Is it so difficult to fix this? Or is Keelung not recognized as a city in Taiwan?

Send a PM to maoman.

Yes, we read the comments and are grateful for them! In fact, as I type, the forums are being upgraded to a new version with a better integration with Taiwanted. I’ll make sure that when the shiny new version rolls out that Jilong is added to the list!


How’s the upgrade coming along?

Just tried to put another listing on taiwanted, but still no Jilong.