Please clarify this issue with Visa and flight return dates

I’m planning on studying for 6 months to a year in Taiwan on an extendable visa.

What should the date on the return ticket say? Does it have to be either the initial 30 days max or two months, if the extendable visa is received abroad?

If you fly to Hong Kong and then to Taipei could it be a one-way if you have a two months visa to Taipei?

What about Hong Kong itself, would it allow me in on an open (one year) ticket?

How did you guys do it? Did you buy a “one year” ticket? One way?

Clearly it would be best if you were applying for a visa that your return ticket didn’t expire in the interim.

The best bet is a one-year open return ticket. If you think you plan to stay longerr than one year, you may choose to sell-off the return leg (check that you can) and “buy” a refundable ticket out of here when it’s visa time.


“The best bet is a one-year open return ticket”

So this means it is allowed to enter with an open one-year ticket even though Visa granted is just for two months? Excellent.

Yes, any TECO office (pseudo Taiwan embassy) will grant you an “extenable” two month tourist visa with an open ticket.