Please drive safely


Na man no excuse. Hurts my eyes.


The problem is nearly 100% enforcement in my opinion. It was already stated that Taiwanese drivers automatically ‘get educated’ when they rent cars to drive in other countries and you can also see a vast difference in willingness to follow traffic laws in different parts of Taiwan, different districts inside of cities and even different intersections inside of districts.

Last Friday I was walking home and crossing an intersection which is generally fairly good for people (cars, scooters, pedestrians) following the rules. However, two cars bumped into each other and a tour bus tried to go around them unsuccessfully, entirely blocking a side road. The main road was entirely fine until a woman decided when wasn’t about to wait and her pulling into the middle of the intersection to blow her horn would certainly help solve the problem. Literally as soon as this happened, 5-10 scooters decided they weren’t going to wait for the red light, thus setting off a cascade of everybody going from all directions. Perhaps three minutes later when the intersection cleared, all was good and traffic returned to normal.


This week I’ve seen the same situation unfold a few times . A car is (quite rightly) waiting for pedestrians to cross and the car behind is laying on the horn for him to go. I know firsthand that in practice drivers will look at you crossing, make eye contact, and blow the horn at you to say I’m not stopping so you stop. It’s sickening.

I’ve tried playing chicken with them once or twice thinking there’s no way they will run over a pedestrian but I backed off because they literally WOULD NOT STOP. I highly doubt they would stop to assist if they hit me either


I’ve had them go around me and almost hit the pedestrians I was letting cross the street… In the zebra striped crosswalk.


Take out your phone and (pretend) to be recording them as they approach you, 9 out of 10 will slam on the anchors, just watch out for the 1 who will either still try to run you over or will hop out and demand to know why you’re recording him (it’s always a him). Fine is reasonably heavy for being within 3m of a pedestrian on a cross walk and you can report the particularly obnoxious in the nearest police station with your phone footage.


For forumosans trying the phone technique: do be ready for the rudest of the rude to leap out and accost you. A friend tried the photo technique in December and was treated to a punch in the head from a Russian guy who leaped out of the offending car! For his trouble, my friend received several stitches in the head, a long police report that depicted him as a co-belligerent, and a seriously shaken confidence in Taiwan’s “justice” system.



He found the 1! And it was a him!


Unfortunately, yes. Forumosans beware!



I read your reply, thought that’s a good idea and then I read about someone getting a punch in the head for that :slight_smile:

I can totally believe the fact that he was listed as a co belligerent because the idea seems to be if you replied in any way to make someone angry you deserved it



A six minute video posted without comment?

Can I ask what’s your point here?



Please drive safely. Here’s a video of what could happen if you don’t.


As well as what may happen to you if others don’t…


Huh. One of my many, many pet peeves with the roads here is the number of heavily tinted front windows - meaning I can’t even see their faces. I’ve wondered before how dangerous that actually is, because it sure feels dangerous to me.

An obvious point for everyone: get a decent helmet and strap it up. Last week I heard a two-scooter collision happen, right beside me - didn’t see what actually happened, but one second later one driver was on the road unconscious, his small helmet rolling away. Other driver with a better helmet was slowly getting to his feet. When I left the scene a few minutes later - emergency services had already been called, and I had no idea how I could possibly help, nor had I seen anything useful - the unconscious driver was still out cold, but at least his chest was moving up and down. (So ABC: Airway was clear; Breathing was happening; Circulation, well, I saw no puddles of blood, and that exhausted my dim 30-year-old memories of first aid courses.)


It baffels me how people put a helmet without strapping it or even without buckling it…
Don’t they know the result is the same as not wearing one?


all they care about is not paying the fines to the gov instead of their own safety.


Inexperienced drivers in High powered cars need to learn this lesson


The situation is really terrible on the roads. Millions of people die because of the stupidity and they do not do any conclusions, continuing driving (even flying on the roads) on really high speeds!


This might help, and Taiwan seems to like colored lights. Maybe make them Flash the same color as a Betelnut stand flashing light.


". . . pedestrians distracted by their smart phones . . . "