Please drive safely


Near miss on the Suhua today, section going up from Nanao. I heard the squeal of tires as he cut in, and he gave the Delica in front of me something to think about.
It seemed much closer in real-time than it looks on the vid.


Damn! Some people don’t use their brains when driving!

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yea this is true, some of them are just disasters in waiting. theres a junction near me and when the light is green you are basically supposed to drive into oncoming traffic. its nuts.
i wouldn’t say it counts for the majority though. theres plenty of people who are just dick heads and try to beat the red light then surprise surprise they have an accident.


well this is never going to be enforced, taiwanese think this isn’t a problem or the pedestrian is the one in the wrong. even the government thinks this. so i think scrapping the right turn when people are crossing the road is a much better solution. everyone who doesn’t stop should get automatically fined.


Just normal in Taiwan


for those using the E-bikes the same way as a scooter, fair enough. but what about those using them the same way as a bicycle? this changes nothing for those people because the cause of their accidents is other drivers. another half assed law imo.



OK, good one.

But how about to start fining the moms with kids with no helmet, the moms and dads with 300 children and the dog on the scooter, and the punks rushing with no helmet and a broken muffler?