Please drive safely


The death penalty for breaking rules like overtaking over double yellow lines around a blind corner already exists: and it’s extrajudicial justice.

You cannot increase judicial punishments and expect to increase the level of common sense.

Nor can the police solve this fundamental problem.


Jefferson is too busy getting it on with Sally. :kissing_heart:


It’s near impossible to enforce speed limits with the density of motorcycle traffic Taiwan has. What’s the cop gonna do, weave in and out to try to catch them?

And speed cameras have trouble identifying the culprit in a large swarm.

One solution might be just video record the racers and have the cops visit their home in the evening to suspend the license for 3 months along with a wicked fine . Do that a few times and word will get out


The most common dumbass maneuver by motorcyclists is trying to undertake a vehicle turning right. It’s usually low speed so they are less likely to get killed, but it’s still idiotic when there is no training in the driving test here to use mirrors. Eventually you’re going to get taken out doing that. I see it so often and they’re lucky that I see them.


And overtaking around a bend is insane anywhere. Here it is batshit crazy because so many drivers cut corners. You get buses that are virtually on the wrong side of the road when they drive round a bend.


Yeah overtaking on bends is insane (especially on the edge of rocky cliff ) but we’ve all seen it many times. Suao highway …Could give anybody nightmares.


Why do you guys keep writing “undertake” instead of “overtake”? is it an American thing?


One could do either.


Yeah, in Victoria they crush your car if you’re caught doing a donut in your own property
There are still people killing themselves at 200kph though


Wait…you’re saying you could actually smell the guy?


Gasoline, grease, metal, blood…


Gas, sure, but the other three? You’d have to have a pretty good nose.


I used to have it, at least. You can smell metal and you can smell grease very easily. Maybe it’s psychological, but I’d say you could smell those things depending on the circumstances.


What scares me is that on a moto it takes so very little to get killed.

You don’t even have to be doing anything crazy or riding dangerously. Other people doing things can easily cause an innocent moto rider death

Or one can come off a moto because of gravel or oil on the road or a pot hole

12000 km on a moped in Taiwan and I don’t really want to ride anymore
I have twice hit oil on the road and went into a spin and once hit a trench that went across the road and took out my suspension in Taiwan

And I was driving a car. I shudder to think what may have happened had I been on a moto


Death has a very unique smell. I had heard about it before but thought that it was a figure of speech. The first time I smelled it was in the back of a funeral home. But I thought I was smelling formaldehyde. Smelling it again creeped me out. I was very close to him. Then again, my brain might have been playing tricks on me.

As for the title of this thread, I was originally going to title it “Please drive carefully,” but such a title doesn’t warn those who don’t wish to read a post about death to stay away.

Last night, I was very distraught over the sight. This morning, I’ve come to accept it. Death is a part of life.


Almost 20 years ago I heard the sound of screeching brakes in Taipei and knew if I turned my head I’d likely see an accident and sure enough saw a utility truck run over the head of a scooter rider (was rider’s fault as he went into the car lane for some unknown reason). Turned away, but when I turned back again, the pile of blood was already huge. Huge.
Did I say huge?

Another time was on the coast road going north toward Fulong on a scooter. Came upon a bridge over the railroad tracks where a scooter had stopped and a person was peering down below where a scooter AND body lay on the tracks. God only knows how fast the rider was going to fly over that side of the bridge.

But, not as bad as my friend crossing a street in Taipei after a bus had run over a scooter rider (rider’s fault). Crossing the zebra sidewalk he saw a helmet and dumbly peered inside. Just one word: brain matter.
Needless to say he admitted he ralfed right then and there.

It’s been almost twenty years, and I can now recall my witness to the same kind of tragic event you did without any emotion. So, I figure you’ll be fine sometime in the 2030s.


Because drama, Milky. Much like the click-baity title.


The freeways are dangerous too. I am sick of seeing people racing, weaving in and out of rush hour traffic. It is insane! They are playing and putting lives at risk, families for goodness sake. Those dumb ass people have a special place in hell waiting for them if there is a hell.


Been that way for years. And nothing will change.

The first sign of a civilized society is that it wages war on those who drive recklessly and with impunity - those who destroy the lives of innocents. Taiwan ain’t made it yet. Yet this is easy to do. Give me a year in the job, and we’d see some changes. If I survived that long (taken out, hit man, special request, interested parties).


Indeed, apparently someone confused The Flob with The New Yorker. Easy enough mistake, I guess.