Please drive safely


Not your best interventions today!!!

(OK, I stop, this is a serious topic…)


Why you asking Tempo Gain?
You should be asking The Greek :laughing:


I drive that road quite regularly, never thought of it as the nightmare road from hell.
Just pisses me off when they close it off on the weekend for non-residents and you have take a huge detour past the university.


Accidents happen there with shocking regularity because everyone speeds coming down the hill.


In this thread:

People feeling bad for idiots who won’t die if they just drive like a normal human being.





What situation? First it was an overturned car and now it’s scooter drivers in the hospital in vegetative states, yet you keep blaming big bikes being legal as the problem. Scooters and cars racing/crashing were a problem before big bikes were legal and they still are.


For years, the reason given for not legalizing big bikes was that people would abuse the privilege by racing around like assholes, which is exactly what’s happening now.


What they are doing in Taichung is genius.
They are rolling out mobile cameras that can be moved, I was coming down from the mountain on a flat very downhill stretch along with a pack of other scooters.
Of course “I” was obeying the 40kmh speed limit, cough cough , but the pack was travelling at over ,100kmh. I saw the portable camera ahead warning sign the cops need to put out legally and braked rapidly, screech…I braked rapidly from 45 kmh to 40kmh :slight_smile:

Snap snap it caught literally everybody passing it except yours truly.
Put one of those up near the racing site , once one or two see the flash they’ll get the hint.


So before legalizing big bikes, cars and scooters weren’t racing around like assholes? But, now that they legalized big bikes, cars and scooters are racing around like assholes? Seems weird, but if you say so. :idunno:


Takeaway: now everybody is racing around like assholes.


Takeway: It’s not because of big bikes, it’s because of assholes.


I can tell you’re a strong 2nd Amendment guy. :wink:


It’s not the Big Bikes that are the problem, we’ve been racing around with Broomsticks since the 1780s !


I take it the air quality in Taichung has not yet improved!



I’m a strong logic guy. Legalizing big bikes didn’t cause those assholes to start racing their cars and scooters around.

You still have’t given one example of big bikes being a problem. You said legalizing big bikes was a problem then talk about car accidents and scooter riders in the hospital. It’s ok if you are scared to ride a big bike, but that doesn’t mean other people can’t handle them.

So both of you are saying that before big bikes were legal, nobody was racing around in cars and on scooters like assholes?


I’m not saying I necessarily agree with the government’s logic, I was just laying it out.


Fines for speeding won’t work. A points system where habitual speeders eventually lose their license is more effective.



And at the same time the seem to be oblivious about people having and probably racing them during the “dry” law :stuck_out_tongue:


One example?
The hundreds of examples of big bikes fucking around on any mountain road of a weekend is good enough for me. That goes for Nantou, Changhua Miaoli and XinBeiShi. All places I have seen them do it with their photographer groupies. What’s worse is they usually do it on the scenic routes where you have regular folks out for a drive or a cycle. Ruin the enjoyment for others at a minimum.

The OP has given the best example.

Thanks God the arseholes aren’t allowed on the highway.

Just cos scooter riders do it too doesn’t mean I’m going to easy on the big bikes, the big bike racers made the mayhem worse.