Please drive safely


You could argue how red plates have affected the racing scene here, but the problem is the racing scene, which exists already and doesn’t need of red plates.

And again most of accidents I’ve seen involve cars or scooters.


Yeah because there are more cars and scooters on the road by a factor of 10, doh!






Males represent 95% of drivers involved in traffic accidents. Let’s ban them from the roads.


No but insurance often costs more. Logical. Also you need to mention other significant factors such as age.


Also my insurance costs more than if I had a smaller motorcycle, but you are talking about something different/


To be fair, we don’t know that the OP was even referring to a red plate, he just says “motorcyclist”. For all we know, it could have been another scooter.


Or one of those 125-150cc “motorcycles.”


Yep. Which again, has nothing to do with legalizing big bikes.


And I see more cars and scooters overtaking right before blind curves. Is it because there are fewer red plates than cars? Maybe. But I’d rather find myself in my lane with an idiot riding a motorcycle or scooter towards me than with a car doing the same.


Similarly, I’ve always been amazed at how ineffectual the towing/impound/fine system is in Taipei/County for illegal parking.
Compared to where I come from, where getting towed and impounded is a BIG fucking problem, thus proving to be an effective deterrent.
I suppose it being seen here by Car Fucks as only a minor inconvenience can be chalked up to

  • The impound is never that far away, there’s lots of them around
  • It’s a pretty simple (and cheap) matter to grab a taxi to the impound
  • The fines just aren’t that steep

None of which are the case back in the world.
I’ve always thought that a much more effective punishment would be to, after towing, not allow the vehicle to be released for 3 or 4 days, you got to reckon that would have a lot more impact on the perpetrators.

Of course, any government that implemented these changes would buckle under voter pressure, as always.


We need to listen to the experts…At Apple Daily lol


This one also. Even the transport ministry says things have gotten worse (as if it wasn’t their problem ).

Major cause of accidents listed as speeding and not keeping distance from vehicles in front.

‘‘The Ministry of Transport said that many large heavy machines are considered to be locomotives, chaos and chaos, and the number of large heavy machines has soared in the past five years, but the traffic quality of driving has become lower and lower. The cavaliers are not afraid of punishment, and the penalty has not improved. To solve the accident, it should start from education.’’


Hard to tell (Google translate), but is it saying that in 2014 out of 100,000 deaths, 36 were on heavy bikes? Better odds than Vegas!


There were a lot of injuries listed as well.
We know scooter driving is relatively dangerous as well. But with the big bike racers on weekends, it just ruins the roads for others enjoyment, never mind the villages they fly through …selfish bastards…And significant risk of injury and death for rider or others in an accident.


While I do get mad at them and blow the horn and shout at them sometimes, I’m more worried about cars and trucks, and more annoyed by scooters.


As I said, big bike racers just added to the mayhem and racer culture and made it even worse especially on the scenic mountain routes …argghhh.

According to the article above number of deaths of heavy bike riders doubled between 2015 and 2016.
Of course we aren’t given enough stats to make sense of that. Most of them , 64%, died on weekends.

It’s a general problem of 1) law enforcement and 2) respect for other road users and pedestrians

According to this Taiwan has almost the same amount of deaths due to road incidents than Japan, but Japan’s population is 5.3x Taiwan’s !


Yeah, I’ve always heard that Taiwan is/was one of the most dangerous places for two wheels. I still prefer to take the scooter instead of the car, as long as it’s not raining.


Again we would need to look at the stats to see if it is more dangerous per individual scooter rider, but certainly two wheel vehicles riders have a higher risk of injury or death in an impact . So with the massive number of riders…There will simply be a lot more deaths.

Shocking to read that in 1970 Taiwan had 16000 road fatalities a year…Holy shit…No wonder older people here think everything is always hunky dory.


Ahhh, that must be where the “most dangerous place for two wheels” comes from.