Please drive safely


Sorry that stat seems to have been for Japan.
Will have to look for the Taiwan number…I’m guessing it may have been something similar.

In 2017 the number of deaths from road incidents overall was approx 2600 in Taiwan.

I think the point of the Japanese article was that we have 1970 Japanese traffic incident death rates in Taiwan in 2017.


Yep. The little emperors of rich Taiwanese businessmen couldn’t care less about fines. Removing their vehicles, even temporary, would get their attention


Yes the towing thing is a bit of a joke although it does work to keep certain areas pretty clear (but not all areas such as pedestrian crossings). They even need a policeman to ride around with them.
What kind of policeforce is that?


Uhhh, sorry, but they do that back home too.
I think the idea is that the drivers aren’t empowered to issue the tickets.

ETA: Nor do they wish to be


That’s weird to me.
On the other side of the coin the contractor tow mafia in many countries can be an expensive nightmare targeting Joe Blogs who parked in the wrong car parking spot.
Overall I probably prefer the Taiwan towing situation.


I shouldn’t be surprised if the peeler riding along is in part to prevent those sorts of shenanigans as well…


Agreed but then you know after would come the incessant whining in the news media about how hard done for they and their kids are and how dare the police seize the vehicles

Followed by a few calls to politicians with Guanxi and the vehicles would be released with an apology from the fuzz


Probably. Rich people use lawyers to play the system everywhere. However, some kind of points based system would produce better results than fines and would be very easy to implement. One ponders why the rich politicians haven’t done so.


Americans try to pull rank too
Luckily it doesn’t always work here

I would say that the general Taiwanese riding methods don’t get better when they are on big bikes just like the driving habits don’t get better when they are on a Lamborghini


I was surprised (pleasantly :whistle:) to learn that there is no points system here for speeding tickets. Whenever I received one, my coworkers would say, 你很愛台灣! It’s a steady income for the government. Basically a speeding tax.


Watched that a while ago. “You don’t know who I am” xD

That reminds me I had an encounter with a foreigner idiot who was totally drunk buying some beer in a 7/11, he said me something, and I said him something back, and he felt offended and told me that I didn’t “know I’m, one day you will regret, I’m the CEO of the new GoPro” blah blah blah.

Well, I hope the wanker CEO made it safe home that night and without any new STD’s :smiley:


If there were points id be walking by now myself :slight_smile:


I think my second year was my worst (read: most expensive). The past few years have been much better and I haven’t gotten one in quite a while. Not that I’ve slowed down, I’ve just been more selective and smarter about “making time”.


Same here.
I don’t get tickets anymore as I keep my eye open for the red camera triangle warning signs.
Hasn’t failed me yet
Also no accident in as many years either


Me too. I wonder how so many drivers get into shunts. I think it’s down to them thinking they have faster reactions than they do.


I didn’t get hurt by speeding myself, I did get hit from behind by a speeder, glancing blow and I fell off my scooter and got scratched and still have some scars, would have killed me if the bus behind didn’t have time to change lane or slow down.
Another asshole sped thru the lights a couple of months ago and almost took out my family. Speeding can and does kill, impact speed is directly correlated with fatality rate , that’s why they do urban traffic calming in many countries worldwide.


Part of Journals’ Conclusion: " On average, one motorcyclist death occurs every 24 h in Taiwan. As many as 6.74% of traffic fatalities are bicyclists (which increased from 3.55% in years 2005)"

One stat in Taiwan newspaper said 70% of motorcyclist fatalities were 18-25yr of age.


That seems quite a high fatality rate for cyclists, given the lack of biking commuters .


But, dude, that’s only deaths after collision, man. I have such amazing skills I would avoid impact every time.

We need mordeth13 back on here.