Please drive safely


No foresight, no forethought, no hindsight. You can’t learn from mistakes if you don’t acknowledge them. You won’t know you’ve made a mistake if litigation stops others from bringing it to your attention.

Some elderly stanker chased me down and tried to run me off the road recently after I honked at him for cutting me off earlier on. He was shouting something about guns and ammo at me but, I said I didn’t understand.


It’s a good magazine. Think of it as a non-fiction Bravo Two Zero. Gets better with every read.


Makes sense. Malaysians are not only careless about traffic laws, but they are just awful drivers. A lot of losers who also try to race their 1 liter engine cars on the highways as well.


I have been to the gas station around 10pm/11pm and there are 10-15 cars parked there mostly of the same kind, like Ford Focus St’s and a few mercs/bmw’s but def a Ford car meetup.

I hit the highway and after about 15 mins you have 10-15 cars driving past you at like 130-160km/h
Driving as close to the rear of the car in front of them waiting to pass them to catch up to their buddies.
This is in mild/medium traffic.
I can’t imagine what they do when there are no other cars on the highway, prob hit 200+km/h

I love cars, but if you want to drive fast go to a race track or legal drag strip and abuse your car there.


Unfortunately, that is something Taiwan is lacking. The Longtan track shutdown several years ago. The people in the area complained about the noise and got the government to force the owner to close it so he demolished the track.

Penbay is way down south and from what I hear, not very affordable. Only the rich Lambo/Ferarri/etc. clubs rent it.

There’s a new track in Taichung, not sure if it’s open yet. They’ve been trying to build it for a really long time now.

There are no drag strips that I know of.

Not making excuses, but if there were more venues available, it would definitely cut down on the street scene.


Then they can’t do it man, I am soooo sick of these cunts in their shitty stage 2 GTI’s or ST’s in groups of 10 trying to race each other at 10pm.
This is highway 1 from zhongli to taipei which is pretty busy on the weekends.


It’s 100% enforcement problem… ministry of Transport highway police .

Fire 50% of the police and invest in a network of cameras, sensors and AI…Job done, payback within one year max.


I have had a Merc go past me at at least 220-230km/h
I checked my side mirror, and he was far away.
Indicate and lane change, check my side mirror again and he is like 10 meters away then FLEW past me hooting and flashing his lights.
He was so far away when I changed lanes going at 100km/h I would never have imagined he would even THINK about going that speed.
This is at 4:30pm, there was a shit load of traffic 250-300m a head of us.

Did he see a gap in the traffic and think “oh lush I can knock off 2 minutes off my commute now. Gotta go fast!!!”


No, lack of education, danger awareness, etc… Is a big part of the problem. A cultural problem.


I get it really and that’s something bigger.

But the specific problem on the highway, enforcing the current highway code, can definitely be solved by enforcement. A network of sensors and cameras can cut out 90% of the shit and fund itself.


I don’t think this is completely wrong, but as a person out there on the roads and as a dad with kids out there daily, I say screw trying to educate everyone. Enforce, fine, jail. That’s much better and faster.

Also, you have to keep in mind that when many of these people go overseas to, for example, America for a vacation and rent a car, all of a sudden they are very careful and respectful of others. Hmmmm.


Yep, enforcement is key. Many people behave like twats only because they’re allowed to.


Mirror, Signal, Mirror, Manoeuver!


Yes of course, but it’s hard to predict that someone is driving at 200kph.


Extremely hard if you only look once.


Fair point. Although it could be argued that checking the mirror twice isn’t enough. Why not three times? Or six times? There comes a point where a driver needs to assume that another driver isn’t driving moronically. Otherwise we’d never get anywhere.

Zero accidents in 30 years of driving, by the way. Maybe I’ve got lucky.


The young scooter driver that blew past me on the narrow scooter lane (concrete curbed) must’ve learned a lesson. I just thought “another damn idiot”. Just seconds later 50 meters in front of me scooters were flying in the air. Everyone was sitting up in a minute or so but speedy was sitting on the curb obviously not feeling well – his middle finger cut off.


"What they are doing in Taichung is genius.
They are rolling out mobile cameras that can be moved, I was coming down from the mountain on a flat very downhill stretch along with a pack of other scooters.
Of course “I” was obeying the 40kmh speed limit, cough cough , but the pack was travelling at over ,100kmh. I saw the portable camera ahead warning sign the cops need to put out legally and braked rapidly, screech…I braked rapidly from 45 kmh to 40kmh :slight_smile:

Snap snap it caught literally everybody passing it except yours truly.
Put one of those up near the racing site , once one or two see the flash they’ll get the hint."

Please tell me what is fun and heroic in your story


Being clever enough to be able to speed and avoid fines.

Don’t keep your eyes out and you’ll get a nice present from the speed demon tax department. Which is all it really is, nothing safety about a cop standing by a camera while people race downhill


Over the years, I’ve noticed that drivers have improved slightly in Taipei area in terms of driving. They are following traffic signs/road markings better… But for the life of me, most drivers here do not regard white lines on the road as important, either for driving or for parking. Chabuduo applies to driving as well as parking.

However, when I was back in the UK, I noticed the same idiotic white van drivers as I see here, similar driving skills and aggressive behavior and as about as much respect for the speed limits as here. I got beeped by an idiot going through a traffic circle because I was obeying the speed limit.

British drivers generally DO follow the rules/practices of safe driving for the most part; but they are most certainly NOT better drivers when it comes to handling their vehicles. The only conclusion I have come to is that the best thing to do is assume that the guy/gal in front of you (or to the left/right) is a complete idiot, and drive accordingly.

It’s hard to know what to do about those behind you who tailgate you at 100km/h… I recently started to gracefully slow down my vehicle until the guy gets the message and passes me or backs off. But when motorbikes come so close to my car, and fail to keep any kind of distance, there is really not much I can do, except check my mirrors. I’m not thinking of installing a camera front AND rear.