Please Help a Newbie Teacher with Lesson Planning Advice?


I’m not saying I never had bad classes, in fact I struggled my first semester with a large class of all girls. They were so cliquey and shunned a certain girl in class. I had no idea wtf to do. But I was able to figure out how to manage them in the next semester. I was lucky I have other teachers and manager who knew that class would be hard for a new teacher and they helped me get better with it. And the parents were helpful if you try to work with them. it might also be that I speak Chinese relatively well and could communicate with the parents. I also make sure that students and parents not focus on grades so much and on personal progress. I had kids come in with a 70 their first semester and get a 80 the next. They were below the class average but I made sure to let the kid and the parent know I was proud they made personal progress. And grades are not everything. Again. Be stern and strict in the beginning, you can always lighten up, but I find it’s almost impossible to get stricter if you were not in the beginning.


Keep your cool. If a boss tells you to change something do it, don’t ask questions. Your performance is not in question, your level obedience will determine your success. You are the low man on the totem pole and you can expect to be treated as such. Any Chinese teacher is above you and you must respect them even if you don’t like them. Just deal with it. Make class easy and don’t work too hard. Be sincere with the kids and if it gets to be too much just laugh and say…