Please Help! DOesn't any use automatic phoneti guide?

On my other computer, I was able to automatically add Bopomofo to any chinese document by pressing the phonetic guide button. I could highlight anything from song lyrics to unknow words , paste it into my Microsoft Word.

I would then hit the phonetic guide button and BINGO. The pronounciation of every word would appear in BOBOMOFO!

I really want to get this automatic BOPOMOFo back!

Now when I try it, the guide asks me to enter the text manually. Am I not setting something up correctly?

How can I bring it back.

Old system: Word 2000 professional, Office 200 Pro .
Current system: Word 2003 Students and Teachers edition, Office 2000 pro. (Why the change, to become legal that’s why!)

Barring that, can you sugest an easy to read Chinese font that includes the phonetic chracters on the side.

Other format question while I’ve got your attention. I want to print out Bopomofo characters in the same way “Practical Audio Visual Chinese” does for its dialogs. Page 3 Book 1 is a good example.

I want to print them on labels to stick to the back of Chinese langauge flashcards.