Please help find a home for our two adorable Taipei cats!

Two Taipei cats urgently need a home!!

We’ve just received the sad news that Horse, one of our much loved former Taipei street cats, can’t travel back to New Zealand with us in December due to an immune deficiency that prevents him building up enough antibodies to the rabies vaccine to meet NZ biosecurity requirements. The other cat, Uri, hyperventilates when caged so has also been deemed an unsuitable candidate for long-distance air travel. Horse and Uri have been together since they were rescued two years ago as kittens (Uri from a rubbish bin and Horse from a park) by an animal rescue agency in Taipei.

Both male cats have been fully vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped (to international standards). They are also perfectly housetrained. Although Horse suffers from an immune deficiency due to malnutrition as a kitten and is missing his tail (probably a gin trap), both cats are healthy, lively and very easy and cheap to care for. They are affectionate and rewarding animals. We’re devastated that we can’t bring them with us back to New Zealand and are looking for someone willing to provide a loving, safe, long-term home for one or both cats.

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Date Leaving Taipei: 18th Dec 2008

That’s terrible news. Good luck. They sure look like nice cats.