PLEASE HELP! Foreign National born in Taiwan. Need birth certificate!

I’m a Korean citizen (both my parents are Korean citizens). My dad was working in Taiwan when I was born, so I was born in Taiwan. I am trying to get my fiance visa in the US and I need my birth certificate! I don’t have one, my parents say they dont have one either. How can I get one??? PLEASE HELP!

Can’t you use 기본증명서 issued by Korean government?

Would it suffice? 기본증명서 says place of birth is Taiwan. So I am concerned :cry::cry::cry::cry:

In Taiwan the hospital issues a birth certificate. They are often not recognized internationally as it is not an ‘official’ document. The Household Registration is used instead.


my parents were living in taiwan with work visa, would they have gotten one even if they were foreign nationals?

Did you ask to the hospital if they still have your record and can issue a certificate?

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Assuming you were born in a hospital, they should have the record.

Asked your parents which hospital in Taiwan.

Would most hospitals mail me the document?

You could ask to the hospital.

And did you already ask to the US authority if 기본증명서 with Taiwan is not enough?

I don’t know.

they are not easy to get in touch with, unfortunately.

You may ask at some Korean or US forums talking about immigration to the US.

Thank you! is helpful for information on traveling or immigrating to the U.S.