Please help me build a list of places to see in Taipei for a group of 20 25-35yo first-time visitors here for 3 days

Can you help me build a list of places to visit and eat for a group of first-time visitors to Taipei?

My cousin is flying over with 20 people from top management of his company for some R&R and he’s asked for suggestions. His crew is relatively young - 25 to 35 years old - and he would like them to have a memorable, safe, and fun trip.

They plan to stay for 4 days and 3 nights. The first day will be spent at Leofoo and for the rest of the trip they will be staying at a hotel in Xinyi district. Please help me suggest things they can do, especially for when his colleagues are “let loose” on their own to enjoy the city.

Their hotel is on Kuangfu S Road, so the obvious sites on my list would be:

  • the park around Sun Yat Sen Memorial
  • Taipei 101
  • Eslite Books - at City Hall and the 24 hour Main Store on Dunhua
  • High-end shopping at A9 and Breeze City Hall
  • Tonghua St Night Market (it’s actually called Linjiang St Nightmarket)

Outside the vicinity

  • Guanghu Computer Market - at the 2 tall buildings on Civil Boulevard (the one with Sauron’s Eye and the one next to it connected by bridges)

  • National Palace Museum - kind of a must-see on any first-time visitors trip, I suppose. But if they are in a hurry, I would suggest they at least hit the museum store and the children’s waiting area, which are both my favorite parts of the museum (I am embarrased to admit) plus they are free and do not need any queues to enter. From there, jump a cab to Miramar beyond the tunnel or head over to Shilin Night market

  • Maokong Gondola / Taipei Zoo - take the Maokong Gondola (go early and skip the crystal gondolas) to the first stop and enter the zoo from that back entrance, then walk downhill back towards the MRT

  • CKS + Ximending - since they are staying in Xinyi, these may not offer good value for the time spent to get there (not unlike the NPM, especially if you aren’t a museum buff, so it’s key to combine that destination with another)

These threads are useful

And this one is recent - although I agree with Andrew0409 about there being more sensible choices in Southeast Asia, if I was in my 20’s and my company was treating me to a trip to Taipei, I think I would want to know about this…

Restaurant Recommendations?

He would like to treat them to a group dinner for one night - hotpot, ideally. Can you recommend a good place for a large group? I’m not a fan of hotpot, so I don’t have any places in mind. Please also recommend other places for dinner where the team members might go on their own with a budget of NT$ 1,000 per person.

(NOTE: Din Tai Feng has 3 or 4 locations in Manila, and while it is probably a big part of the wave of Taiwanese restaurants that have opened there in the past 5 years, I don’t think this group will have a strong need to visit the original location near Yongkang St)

  • Long Sian - chicken soup -

  • Fun BAR Station - Sichuan in Xinyi area -

  • Aquatic Addiction Development - Sushi and other seafood -

Elephant Mountain for the sunset is a must on a good day.

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These are the 2 buildings I was referring to

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I think a ride all the way to the top for some tea overlooking the valley there is more distinctive and memorable.

Good hot springs resort with private bath followed by meal is also super relaxing and memorable too

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Shifen Old street (Pingxi) is a good one. That to me is a memorable.

There is another place where you cross some bridges to see a fall. I think that might be shifen too.

Taipei is popular with night markets. Don’t miss Shilin.

Skip Dunhua Eslite. City hall better, more variety, more in area.

For tourists, I like Raohe night market with temple at end, then walk through to rainbow bridge for somewhat unobstructed view of city.

Ximenting in early evening is a MUST for tourists of any type.


Dihua Jia in daytime.

I would do iRide first day.