Please help me fill in the Food Forumosa database


I’ve been wanting to set up an online database of bars and restaurants in Taiwan for some time now. Now (at long last) it’s almost done.

What’s missing is data – the restaurants and bars that go in it. I hope you can help me fill it up from here on out.

Here’s how I hope this one will be a little different from other Food Guides about Taiwan:

  1. it will include small, hole-in-the-wall places as well as big fancy famous places
  2. it partially integrates several resources: via online searches of (1) this Restaurants, Bars & Clubs forum, (2) and (3) google – this should save you a couple of mouse-clicks
  3. it will have a ratings system inspired by the Zagats guides
  4. it will be relatively current – becuase there will be correction forms in case entries need updating

Please visit now and post here suggestions and bug reports.

Also, try the Suggestion Form (found at the bottom right corner for, or when a search of the database fails)