Please help me out of my boredom

So I’ve been here since December and haven’t left Taipei once. I took a 30 day vacation to Israel/Jordan/Egypt, got back 3 weeks ago, and everyday I see beautiful weather but don’t really know what to do with it. I live on Elephant Mountain, in Xinyi south of 101 and I pretty much sit in my room most days playing internet poker (my job).

If money and time are completely irrelevant, what would ya’ll recommend? I love outdoor activities and water sports. Hiking, river rafting, camping, surfing, lounging on a beach sipping a brewski and reading fantasy … anything works. I don’t think I’ve seen a single star since I got here. I miss that. Are there any coastal cities where I can get decent/cheap accommodation, sit on a nice golden sandy beach, do an afternoon hike and have some good food options? Maybe just a 1-2 day thing. Or maybe a week-long trip if it sounds nice!

Open to all suggestions!

Get a suitable partner or a few and play strip poker? :idunno:

Jeez man, all that stuff is available in spades here. The hiking club goes out almost every weekend. Some other Fcomers are avid surfers and are out at Daxi or Wai’ao every weekend. There’s good surfing down in Kenting and Taitung, also. You can camp at these places or find cheap accomodation pretty easily.

I suggest you look at some of the threads on these subjects and also get yourself a guide book to Taiwan. Lonely Planet Taiwan will lead you to all manner of outdoor activity.

Oh man, there’s a beautiful, easily-accessible mountain right outside your door. Get your shoes on and just head for the hills.

Also, listen to Macho Man.

Bored? You need to be entertained!

How about some song and dance?
:note: :note: :note:

Or go out for a ride:
:happybiker: :moped:

Or find someone to fool around with:

Or go out socializing…say a pub:

There’s plenty to do if you look around! Oh, and heed the wise words of the above posters. Elephant Mountain…plenty of hiking there!


2nd the recommendation for the Lonely Planet! Great tips & directions (many from Muzha Man himself). Used it extensively the past 2 months for camping, hiking, hot springs and beaches up & down the east coast. Just need to get off your butt & pick a place to go!

Wai-ao/Fulong/Daxi are only an hour away by train. Wai-ao beach was still fairly empty last weekend, but looks like the place to be for surfing. LP also suggests a great hike here - the Caoling Historic Trail.

If you have a few days to travel, Green Island was pretty cool once you get past the people trying to rent you shit right off the boat before you even know which direction to turn :fume:

You can camp really cheaply & rent a scooter w/o even giving your name, much less needing a license (as long as you’re the only foreigner on the island). Easy place to learn to ride too, except for the spots where you could careen off the road into the ocean :slight_smile: There are no cabs or buses, but in good weather there are bound to be stars (it rained on us all week). The place is pitch black at night except near the towns & the only people out after 8pm were 7-11 staff & us crazy foreigners. Most of the time we had the nice quiet campground to ourselves.

If you have a week or so, do Taroko Gorge first & then head down the coast from Hualian. Take the ferry or fly from Taidong to Green Island (Even hungover w/limited breakfast I did fine w/the ferry … not true of others tho. You can ride outside/up top too, but it was kinda rough & splashy. Awesome).

There are also several beach camping spots near Taidong w/nobody there after dusk 'cept fishermen. Other option is the inland train, stopping along the way for hiking/hotsprings.
On an unrelated note, why is the east coast so seemingly un(der)developed, while the west seems crammed full of ratty cities? Typhoon path or something?

Bored? Come join us for some live bluegrass music. Look at “living in taiwan” .
I know, damned boring when you first get here. If bluegrass isn’t your tune, pm me. I spent 6 months just touring the island on a scooter and there are many places to enjoy.

Guy needs an active gf.

Tommy, what’s the longest you gone without talking about women?
What’s the longest you’ve stayed single and had a good time just having a laugh with your mates?

I’m guessing the OP has an SO of some description.

Anyway, to the OP I know how you feel, when I first came here I didn’t see any foreigners for about 6 months, and didn’t venture out of my flat for a 7 week period.
I’d say go looking at nature/ day trips, Yeliu is cool the first time you go there, as is the walk along the cliff.

and invest in the Lonely Planet.

I dont know I lead a pretty mild boring lifestyle. Work and go out to eat, check out some magazines at the borders bookstores , meet up with a few friends now and then for a chat at a cafe. I dont do hiking (cept recently to lose weight), dont do a lot of travelling. So I guess Im not the one to give advice. But i dont stay at home and do nothing tho.

But what i am saying is that when I was in Taiwan, I did a lot of stuff alone, but after awhile it gets boring. So its better to do em with buds.

Do what I did and have a couple of kids. You won’t sit still for a minute.

Okay I’ll bite, can you elaborate on internet poker as a career?

I never get bored. I hate going out. I sit at home and wallow in the tranquility. Watch my new DVDs and listen to music. When that gets old, I go out and buy a new XBox game or catch teddy bears with claw machines. Learn to cook. Find a hobby. I’m growing orchids at the moment, but they’re all dying on me. Sigh. Will have to return to my old hobby: masturbation. I drink a lot, so that numbs the ennui somewhat. Oh, and I have been winning some cash at internet poker recently. Boredom is a luxury that poor people don’t have.

Your post both made me laugh and reflect on how good life can be here.

It’s also nice to know there’s someone else out there with almost the exact same interests.

Safflower oil , give it a try (for your M pleasure :slight_smile: )

edit: M for massage of course…why…what did you think?

Jesus, Tommy, think ‘time difference’, willya? I don’t want to think of you knocking one out, over my morning Shreddies. There’s a very subtle line (apparently) between banter and ewww!

OH sht. sorry Buttercup. I do believe thats the second time you have nearly choked on your all natural breakfast bran?

Apologies. And a pleasant day to ya. (tips hat)

check this out

Taipei Travel Net


check this out

Taipei Travel Net[/quote]

No! Ha!

edit Ok, I clicked. Flash that didn’t work, Chinglish and absolutely no discernable useful content.

no what :neutral: