Please help me pick a plan and phone

Well, many of you seem to know alot about cell phones; and seeing that I do not I have decided to ask for some help.

Since my arrival in Taiwan a few months ago, I have borrowed a phone and have been using a pay as you go plan. It doesn’t seem to really suit my needs though so I’ve decided that maybe I should get an actual monthly plan.

I am looking for a plan that will give me a decent amount of both talking and text messaging time. It would also be fantastic if I could get a plan that offers decent long distance rates to North America. I’m only looking to sign a one year contract as I’m not sure how long I will be staying in Taiwan.

Along with the plan I’d like to get a new phone. It needs to be a tri-band so that I can use it anywhere. I would also like a phone that has a camera that takes decent quality pictures. It also needs to have good reception. I don’t mind spending a little extra money in order to get a better quality phone. I’ve looked at the Nokia 3220 and 5140, but don’t know if their good or not.

Any advice that could be offered as to what carrier and what phone would be greatly appreciated.

You need to be a Taiwaneser to get a proper phone plan, or get a Taiwaneser to be your guarantor.

I think plans are generally two years as well.