Please help me translate this text

I kind of get the basic idea of the text, and many details to be honest, but it feels like I still don’t get the complete picture of what is being depicted in the text. Can anybody help me translate this? Surely, I have tried Google Translate, but I feel it unsatisfactory because I know it gets some of the sentences wrong. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

孝明世子李英(樸寶劍飾)是朝鮮第23代國王純祖的長子,個性 冷漠挑剔,事事要求完美,從19歲時就開始代替惡病纏身的父親代理聽政。洪羅恩(金裕貞飾)從懂事開始就女扮男裝,因為媽媽告訴她只有那樣才能活下去,羅恩像男子一樣長大,承擔起了家庭的重擔,每天靠著為人們解決男女間的煩心事,拼命的賺錢。李英出宮去會見讓傲慢妹妹動心的男人,卻遇到了冒名頂替而來的洪羅恩,李英雖識破了羅恩的頂替身份,卻也肯定了其才能,想要將其收歸己用時被羅恩逃脫。洪羅恩為籌錢救活妹妹,答應了判內侍府事的入宮要求,在宮中再次見到了李英。不知李英世子身份的羅恩慌張不已,以為李英是因為喜歡男人而尾隨進宮,而李英似乎並不打算將自己的真實身份告訴她。

It’s a brief introduction of a Korean historical idol drama called Love in the Moonlight (Gureumi Geurin Dalbit).

孝明世子 means Crown Prince Hyomyeong. 樸寶劍 or as it is more often written 朴寶劍 is the famous Korean idol Park Bo-gum.

The rest I suppose would be pretty similar to the English introduction to the series.

If you need more help, I could translate the whole thing for you. Though I’m curious to why you would need this translated.


Sure. I highly appreciate your inexplicably fast reply!!! The reason why I need this text to get translated is exactly because I have a small Chinese-Indonesian translation project that I am about to start. While I can understand the main idea of this text, the characters’ name have me confused because apparently it didn’t come to my mind that it is of Korean origin! Can you please help me translate the text? Your help would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

I’d be happy to help you translate this text for free tomorrow.

If you guys are interested in joining the task, we can always make a contract. Surely, it doesn’t sound nice that I get the translation for free!

The page below might help you improve or correct the translation by Google.

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I’ll do a few sentences because since it is a historical drama, plenty of the words used are more classical, if not archaic, which increases difficulties for non-native speakers. I’m not that great a writer or translator, so…

Crown Prince Hyomyeong, given name Lee Yeong (Park Bo-gum), is the eldest son of King Sunjo, the 23rd king of Joseon. Lee Yeong appears to be cold, critical, and a perfectionist. Lee Yeong has been handling the matters of state in place of his ailing father since age 19. Hong Ra-on ( Kim Yoo-jung) has been disguising herself as a man since coming of age because her mother told her the only way to survive is to grow up like a man, and bear the burden of supporting the family. Ra-on makes her money by offering services to resolve romantic relationship issues. Lee Yeong leaves the palace one day to meet his arrogant sister’s first crush, but instead meets Ra-on who is paid to pretend to be that man.

That leave you with 李英雖識破了羅恩的頂替身份…