Please Help me with a tax issue

Excuse me if this question has been answered elseswhere. I have a question I want some help with. :help:
I have been in Taiwan for several years. In 2005 I started a new job on a new visa. As tax time is approaching I have asked my employer when I will get my tax form. They say that I will get my tax form at the end of my contract in September. I started my employment in September of last year. Before that I was employed at another school. They tell me that I do not have to be taxed for September through December as I have been in the country under 183 days at that point and the return that I have to file will only be for the previous job. They say that I will be able to file for the whole of this job next year. They only give tax forms when a contract is completed. It was never my understanding that I will get my tax return only when the contract is completed.
I want to know how I can get my employer to give me my tax form for 2005 and is any are there different laws regarding when foreigners and locals have to file taxes?
If I go to the tax office with only one form from the previous job, what can I do to avoid any problems?

Thney are required to give you your tax form by a certain date – I think it is Mar 31 but my memory is fading… :blush:

Anyway, the easiest thing to do is to march right into the Tax Office and ask them to call your employer. Explain that you have not been furnished the tax forms you need to file your taxes. Tax filing has nothing to do with your contract period; it has to be done annually within the required period of time, just as you believe.

However, do be aware that you will not endear yourself to the employer by doing this, especially if they have “forgotten” to send your withholding tax into the Tax Office. But it is unlikely the company will get into much trouble unless you are prepared to make a LOT of noise and unless you happen to get someone at the Tax Office who got up feeling ambitious that day (unlikely!) :smiley: