Please help minimum age to open bank account?

Hey everyone I hope somebody can help me fast I have been living in Taiwan with my Peruvian girlfriend for 4 month now studying Chinese i will apply for my ARC soon, because we plan on staying here for a while to study so one requirement for the ARC is having a bank account at a Taiwanese bank with at least 75.000 NTD.

So I went to the bank and they told me they cannot give my girlfriend an account because she is only 19 years old. what can I do?

Does anybody know if there is a bank where my girlfriend can open an account at the age of 19?

How does the ministry suppose a 19 year old Chinese student should show financial proof if no bank is willing to give that person an account?

I am 22 so could i maybe theoretically “sponsor” her from my account?

Hoping somebody can help me on this i really dont know what to do!

Greetings, Ben

Just go to a different bank, or even just a different branch. Some are worse (much worse) than others. They pulled that excuse out of their ass - it just means “we can’t be bothered dealing with a foreigner”.

It will help enormously if you can get a local (Taiwanese) person to take her to the bank to open an account.

I’ve had good experiences with Cathay and Taiwan Bank - mostly very helpful.

Thank you for the answer, the problem is that the “dont bother us now” wasnt the case because we are students of Feng chia university language center in Taichung and there is a Cathay united bank branch right inside the University below the language center, I even know the security guy of the bank I always greet him and we talk when i exchange money and pass be he was very friendly but he asked the bank staff and said by law it is not possible under 20 years of age he said sorry like 100 times so it was really not the case that they just didnt want to bother. Then I called chinatrust 24h hotline and they also said by law it is not possible but somehow i cant believe it because there are thousands of students every year applying for arcs and i doubt there has never been one under 20, i`m sure there must be a way…

Im just pretty desperate now because i had never thought of that problem and what if by law it is not possibe? then i would be really screwed…

Still smells like bullshit to me. Here are the Bank of Taiwan instructions:

  1. Individual applicant should use his/her real name to open the account.

(1) Qualified Applicants for Demand Deposits and Time Deposits:
a. Adults or married minors.
b. Juveniles above 7 years old should get permission from their legal representatives (father and mother), or either father or mother should get the agreement
of the other side to open the account.
c. For children below 7 years old and the interdicted people, the account should be opened by their legal representatives (father and mother).
(2) Qualified Applicants for Check Deposits:
a. Adults or married minors.
b. Foreigners with Taiwan residence but should leave the copies of their passports and residence cards with the Bank.
c. People without behavioral ability or with restricted behavioral ability are unqualified to apply.
d. Individuals or companies that have not been released from the rejection list are unqualified to appy.

Opening NTD Deposit Accounts at BOT for Foreigners

Foreign natural individuals:To open a bank account with us,a foreign natural individual should take care of this matter in person,simply visit any BOT branch and prepare the required documents as follows.
.Valid passport with legal entry visa(or stamp).
.Secondary identification (any one of the following):
(a)Residen Visa
(b)Record of ID the Republic of China
©Taiwan Driver’s License
(d)Health IC Card,etc.
.Record of ROC ID Number issued by Police
Department Foreign Affairs Division or Immigration office National Police Agency

An “adult” in Taiwan is, I believe, 18 years of age. I must say, I’m intrigued to know what a “married minor” is :astonished:

Actually I don’t think Taiwanese are considered “adults” until they are 20. I know they can’t vote until they are 20.

[quote=“cto”]Actually I don’t think Taiwanese are considered “adults” until they are 20. I know they can’t vote until they are 20.[/quote]

And most of them don’t behave like adults until they are 56.

Yes I am basing my observation on the guy next door with a hello kitty branded Yaris and the number of grown women I see with tweety bird and a doraemon hanging off their handbag.
The methodology is sound as you can see above.