Please help! Problems with my Employment Gold Card Application

Hey all. Please help if you can…I recently tried to apply for the Employment Gold Card.
I applied under the Technology, $160k per month requirement, and I certainly qualify for the salary part, but I am having some challenges with the Ministry of Science and Tech accepting my documents and am curious about your experience.
They said this to me: “惟經勞動部107年10月2日會商科技部,依該部107年10月8日科部科字第1070069790號函意見,因申請人所送非屬個人專業領域審認文件,該部歉難作申請人之專業領域判斷,仍請申請人補正清晰可辨識,且為任職於科技領域相關產業(如資格條件第2條或第3條所列領域之企業的製造或研發實績與個人參與貢獻等)獲國內外公私立大專院校或國內外學術研究機構之證明文件,以利科技部及勞動部續以審查。”

I already sent them my contract showing I make more than $160k per month, and also some payroll emails confirming this, but it seems they want more documents? What documents do you think they want, and did you have to send them docs?

I actually don’t have a formal qualification in tech, but I’m a Webmaster for a US app startup which lets me work remotely, and I used to own my own web design and development company in Australia. I feel really stressed about this as my ARC is about to expire soon :frowning:

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