Please help take a short survey on Foreigners buying alcohol in Taiwan

Hi everyone, my friends and I are working on a project and would like to ask for a few minutes of your time to help take this quick survey. We’d like to understand the purchasing habits of expats in Taiwan and see if there’s any kind of service we can offer to make things more convenient and easier.

Here’s the link to the survey:

Thank you!


This one’s for you buddy. Welcome back :sunglasses:

Thank you for your help!

A lot of the pansgender and furries are going to have problems with this survey.



Oh, I’ve never heard anybody say that it was too damn hard to find and purchase alcohol here in Taiwan.

Thanks! I’ve edited it to include “Others”. Yeah I don’t think it’s hard to buy alcohol here but wanted to see how people buy it or if there are other things that could be done to make it easier to find or perhaps if there are specific items that are hard to find.

Your survey needs some help. You only give one option for preferences of beer or wine or whiskey excetera.

I picked beer which I probably would not order online. Then later you talk about order online and wine I would if good options. But you already locked me into talking about beer so I didn’t say yes to ordering online.

Hope your business plan is in better shape.

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Thanks Tango, that’s great feedback! I’ve edited it.

Any business plan that depends on foreigners to succeed in Taiwan…Ouch.


Personally, most alcohol purchases for me are impulse purchases. Like, ‘I’ll have a beer today, why not?’

If I am going to go online to purchase liquor, it’s for things that I can’t get here easily, like Crown Royal’s many flavours, Icewine from Niagara and the various other liquors that friends of the site have so generously suggested by clicking down below at

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I tried to fill in your form, but I cannot answer most questions properly. A lot of the questions don’t allow multiple answers and a lot of us make our own beer/liquor, so that should be an additional option.

More generally, if I could get someone to drag a few beer casks or a crate of liquor up the stairs to my rooftop, I would be one happy clown.


Thanks for the feedback, you can now pick multiple ones.

I’ll pass this around at the Mormon missionary center.


God bless you Brother.

Thanks buddy.

I hate to pour water :grinning: on a business plan but I don’t see a market for online booze sales. I’m not just thinking about competition from convenience stores but also small supermarkets. Take, for instance, my local (very local, as in 153 meters away) Chuan Lian (PX Mart) supermarket. Lots of variety and decent prices, and - this is an improvement from a few years ago - a lot more of it refrigerated. Combine that with the occasional very healthy special like the 8% Bear Beer selling for a criminally cheap NT$33 and it’s a drunkard’s paradise. That’s cheap drinking. In fact, the most expensive (but obviously still sub-minimum wage) aspect of my drinking is wages for my drinks coolies.


Where do you live Alma…I mean BookishAsia where you think PX Mart has a healthy selection of booze…If you like PX Mart you will love Simple Mart .
They have the cheap shite booze from Eastern Europe but also some decent alternatives to your local 7 and Family Mart.

In Chiayi County in a place that sounds a bit like “Poontang.”

No Simple Mart in my betel-nutropolis but the next time I’m in the big bad city I will check it for Euro Swill options.

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Oh yeah and Simple Mart always has good deals on booze.:sunglasses:
Sorry OP for derailing yer topic.

Thanks for the feedback! We’re also thinking about that so wanted to use this survey also as a way to see if there’s potential or not.

The government here is all out against online booze sales if I remember right.