PLEASE HELP: Traveling By Air With a Baby, Taiwan to USA

I am scheduled to go home to let my family meet my son who is now 4 months old and will be almost 6 months when we go back the United States for this two week trip.

Does anyone have any advise?

By the way, we will fly business class and I was curious what sort of arrangements do the airlines have for infants? I thought there might be some kind of bed which attaches to the wall in front of us or something that is placed on a seat? I am happy to buy him an extra seat if I have too. I just want to make it through this.

Should I get him on USA time right away, or keep him on Taiwan time? Will he go back to Taiwan time with not too many problems after the return trip? He sleeps about 10-11 hours at night waking once during this time for a snack and takes a few naps during the day.

Please help, I am really worried about messing up his sleeping routine as it is finally quite regular now.

You want this thread - [url= with Babies[/url]

Crossing the International date line will stuff up bubbies sleep - there is not much you can do about that. You need to drink lots of inflight alcohol and you won’t be bothered (joke). You may like to talk to your doctor about some ‘sleepy’ medicine as trans-pacific is a loooong flight.

yeah hobart, they have a bassinet that attaches onto the wall. try to get the seat next to the wall. they will save this for people with infants so you should be able to, tell them you want it when you make the res.

you’ll be ok, i did it more than once without incident, once by myself with a 2 year old.

why would want to keep him on Taiwan time :slight_smile: i think you been in taiwan too long Hobart :slight_smile: worrying about regular sleep :slight_smile: just let him sleep when he wants :slight_smile:

I flew Taipei-Seattle-Denver last month with my then 6 month old and it went just fine. Thanks to the good advice in the above-referenced thread, we got bulkhead seats with a basinet. Ordinarily, our girl likes to crawl around a lot before settling down to sleep and that’s definitely not possible in the bassinet. It would be too small for a 1 year-old. But it worked great for us and she slept almost the entire flight. Almost the entire time she was awake the people behind us were making faces at her, making her laugh. On the entire flight she cried for no more than a minute. Maybe we were lucky.

Make sure the baby’s sucking on a pacifier or a tit on ascent and descent to avoid ear problems.

Changing diapers in the airplane’s bathroom was actually much easier than I expected. On China Air, a table folds down at the perfect height over the toilet and even if your baby rolls around a little, it’s plenty big. Her only objection to that was that the table is cold, but no biggie.

We found a secluded corner of seating in the Seattle airport for my wife to breast feed, before I discovered that they have a nursing room. I don’t know how many airports have one though. But, in any event, you should definitely make sure to feed and change diapers immediately any chance you get, because you don’t know how many opportunities you’ll have and you may end up standing in a line longer than you expected.

Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. As others pointed out in the other thread, I believe, 6 months is a great age for flying as they sleep most of the time. At 7 months, ours is now getting pretty active crawling and exploring and I can see that it will be more difficult on our next flight.

Great advise, thank-you all. That was an excellent thread, don’t know why I couldn’t find when searching.

How long did it take your babies to get back to sleeping through the night, if they already slept thru the night before going to the new time zone. I will be on the East Coast of the USA most of the time so that is a 12 hour time difference, quite extreme.

Also, I saw from the other thread about 6 months being an excellent time to travel. Well, I have been dreaming about a big round the world 3 month trip to Europe when my son is about 1 year old. Looks like that is not a good time as he will be trying to walk around during the flight etc. Yikes. I am worried now, I have to wait until my son is about 4 before I plan a long trip. Hmm…maybe I will just rent a house in Europe for three months…