Please help!

My wife and I are both South African nationals, and have been living and working in Taiwan for almost 5 years. I am here on my wife’s ARC. My 13 year old son from my first marriage wants to come and live with us in Taiwan. My ex-wife and I have joint custody, I have no idea what to do, where to start or who to ask what needs to be done for him to come and live with us. Please help, any help and advice is welcome. :help:

You’ll have a better chance asking this in the legal forum and give more info regarding your status here in Taiwan.
Do you have an ARC etc…
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Good luck.

I suppose that you and your ex have a custody agreement that sets out the matters of physical custody… and also under what law that agreement is governed. You should speak with your ex to ascertain whether or not she would agree to a change in the custody agreement such that you can have physical custody of your son.

Can’t you give a fuller account?

  1. As T/man says, does your ex approve of the idea?
  2. What has suddenly happened to make your son feel this way?
  3. Are you working illegally? Can’t you get your own ARC?
  4. Can you afford expat education? (Presumably you don’t want to drop him into the 2nd or 3rd year of middle school here – just imagine what that would entail!)

Bring him here first, he can come on a visitors visa. Should give him at least a month. Let him see how he likes it while continuing to research your options. Then ask him if he wants to stay. Hell, thats what I would do if he were my son.