Please post Speedtest results to Saskatchewan

I’m doing some final testing to be sure that my move will work out considering the nature of my job. I’d really appreciate it if people could give me a hand. To do so, please use (or any other method you choose) and post the results when connecting to any server in Saskatchewan, CA. Please post time of day (your local time) and any factors you know of which might be important (using VPN, etc.).


ChungHwa telecom 50M/20M FTTx connection (FTTB+VDSL2 in fact)

Speed are okay and if I download something from US, it goes faster usually. If not I can still use a download accelerator (Like the extension Downthemall for Firefox) and then I’m at full speed.
The main issue is the latency ~2s, but should be fine I believe.

Thanks, I’m trying to hit under 200ms latency as a requirement of my job. :-/ Hopefully with some tweaking I can hit that.

Here in Taichung I hit 287ms ping. 10pm local time

I seriously doubt you’ll get under 200ms, at least not consistently.

Well, it could be.
In Edmonton, the ping is better (180). May be the server in Saksatoon is slower/not optimized, …

result at my lab computer inside academic network. I don’t dare to use it to download any thing fun…

result at my lab computer inside academic network. I don’t dare to use it to download any thing fun…[/quote]

… read the message before posting please…
We are not interested in Speedtest done in TW but to a server close to Saskatchewan (Canada)

Thanks for the results!

I think I can probably get away with under 215 - 220ms though the stated guidelines are <200ms.

I don’t mind spending the extra for better internet and/or a VPN, and the vast majority of my work would be done from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM (overnight) Taiwan time.

Any additional results would be appreciated, thanks!

Speeds are normal for my connection. Connected locally, usually 4Mbps download, 4Mbps upload.
The latency is usually 8 or 9, but in Saskatoon it was 243.
Ran test on Sunday at 12:45pm.

I guess Saskatoon is the only dot from Saskatchewan

Thanks all for the posts. Looks like I’m at the bleeding edge of the requirements, but I expected that.


my internet really sucks asof 10:20 Saturday nite :frowning:(((