PLEASE READ: Taiwan Politics: new rules, new moderator

Please be aware that the new Forumosa rules are very specific about spamming. Read them [url= before you continue posting.

Of particular relevance to this forum, is the following rule on spamming:

I am a new moderator of the Taiwan Politics Forum, and as of this week I will be making sure that there is no more spamming allowed on the Taiwan Politics Forum. Offending posts will be removed, and repeat offenders may be banned.

In particular please stay on topic. Bringing your pet rant (eg ‘Taiwan is not a country’, ‘The assassination was faked’, etc) into a thread that is only vaguely related, is not allowed. If you want to go off on a tangent, start a new thread for it. If you object, for example, to someone calling Taiwanese ‘Chinese’, discuss it elsewhere (preferably by finding an already existing thread on the topic).

I hope that Taiwan Politics can be a forum for informative and genuine discussion of politics here. I don’t want to this to degenerate into a forum for continual ranting on a few frequently repeated topics. I really hope that we can all participate intelligently and enjoy.

Brian (Moderator: Taiwan Politics Forum)[/b]