Please read this before posting puzzle solutions

If you are replying to a trivia or brain teaser question, please use the following color codes to hide your answers:

[quote]If your post is going to be the lighter colored box, or [color=#EFEFEF]
[/color], then use the code around your answer.[/quote]

[quote]If your post will be the darker colored box, or [color=#DEE3E7]
[/color], then use the code around your answer. [/quote]

Just encoded it with white is not enough to keep it hidden.

These codes should make it so that your answer is only visible when highlighted and keeps it out of the view of people who might not want to see it if they want to try solving it themselves.

Happy solving!

Your friendly, puzzling SF&G moderator,

What a lovely color, #EFEFEF. #DEE3E7, too, of course.

What’s in a name? That which we call “pewter” or “egg shell”
by #DEE3E7 or #EFEFEF would lose completely what little life they had to begin with.

Unless you’re Andrew Wyeth or William Shakespeare, of course.


I’m just sayin’.

Simpler than that is to simply surround the text you wish to hide with your text here

That way, the code automatically matches your text to the background color of your post and you don’t need to work out which code you need to use by anticipating if you will have an even-numbered post or an odd-numbered one. Cheers. :slight_smile:

Drag your mouse over the text above to see an example of what the code will do.