Please recommend a good place to go for facials

The last time anyone posted on this topic was 5 years ago…and there really wasn’t much information…
so I want to ask…
Can anyone recommend a good place to go for facials in Taipei City?

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Sorry, can’t help. You have to marry me if you want to touch my face. If you are in Taipei, there are loads of salons around ZhongHsiao FuXing.

Apparently the Adventist Hospital has a good service for facials. Don’t know much detail about it, but it was recommended by someone I know. But in any case there are spas all over the place in Taipei that can provide you with such services.

Spas are often a bit dodgy, though, and use yucky products. There used to be a Clarins salon in Sogo.

There are loads of places to go to for facials. My wife recommends a chain called AVEDA (at least that’s what I think it’s called). Taiwan is a fantastic place if you want this sort of thing, they’re all over the place.

Next to the catholic church in shilin on wenlin rd at corner of zhongzheng there are a bunch of ladies who give “string” facials, where they pull out hairs and whatever else i guess with two strings. there was such a stand in every mall i went to in nyc this year so i thought i’d mention it.

I think this post speaks volumes for my general usefullness :slight_smile:

thanks for your suggestions… bc facials could go really bad if you don’t go to a good one, i just wanted to go somewhere people have gone to and might recommend… but i guess i’ll go check out aveda since tomthorne mentioned it by name and see what they offer…

It’s a chain, so I guess it could be a bit hit and miss. If anyone has any recommendations in the Taipei area that would be a bit safer. We don’t live in Taipei.

The “Natural Beauty” chain has a pretty good reputation. I imagine it would be best you can speak Chinese when you go in, as they have a lot of options that you choose from.

Their site (Chinese) has a function where you can find the spa in your area.

Their cheapest facial without any bulk-purchase discount was $980 last time I checked. My local friends and relatives named this place as the “safest” mid-price-range place to go to.